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Spartans celebrate sorting success |  Carletonville Herald

Spartans celebrate sorting success | Carletonville Herald

Members of the Spartans Karate Club earned promotions to higher belt levels during the first class of the year at AGS Church in Carletonville on Saturday, May 4.

According to the public relations officer, Martin Venter, the review was done under the watchful eye of Shihan Kruben Pillay, a 6th dan black belt.

All members spent a day testing their karate skills. They earned a higher rank if they proved all their skills in basics, kata and kumite.

“They have all trained regularly in the dojos that have existed for over thirty years. Shihan Kruben Pillay founded the dojos in Westonaria and Carletonville in 1989 and 2018 respectively. Sensei Enzo Pillay founded the one in Winchester Hills in 2023. The karate clubs have now become part of the community and help keep our children focused and disciplined and get them into able to defend themselves. Karate also promotes self-confidence, a tool in today’s social media world,” says Venter.

He added that Spartan karate aims to develop all members to the highest possible standard, teaching them from five to adulthood.
For details, search on your favorite social media platform under Spartans Karate or call Martin Venter on 072 053 8460.