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American Idol Runner-up Will Moseley ‘You Don’t Have to Win’

American Idol Runner-up Will Moseley ‘You Don’t Have to Win’

WILL MOSELEY - American Idol 2024 Top 5
(Disney/Eric McCandless) WILL MOSELEY

American Idol 2024 Runner-Up Will Moseley Shares He Didn’t Feel Like He Had to Win

Will Moseley came second American Idol 2024 last Sunday (May 19), but he is not angry! The country singer, who is going to open for Zac Brownband when the country group plays in New York City on June 2 Live with Kelly and Mark Showon Thursday (May 23)

“I think we’ve spent so much time together… since the Top 24… we went to Hawaii and then we were back. LA and we were together every day for so many months. You really become friends,” Will said of his lack of rivalry with fellow contestants. “You build relationships there. “

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Will said that before Sunday’s final he asked his fellow Top 3 competitors Abi Carter And Jack Blokker “I came to the consensus that whatever happened was going to be okay.” Will added, “You don’t have to win. The goal was to be there and have the opportunity to play in front of all of America… to play in the finals.


Will, a former college football player until an injury ended his career, had only been playing music for about a year before coming on the show. He’s used to crowds, but admits, “There are different emotions when the cameras turn on.”

“I had to give the dream a year” and the end of the American Idol season was exactly one year!

Will talked about graduating from college last year and only giving himself a year to pursue music. After suffering several concussions on the field, Will moved back to Georgia and attended Georgia Southern University. He graduated in May 2023, which means the year he gave himself is now over.

“I had to give the dream a year,” he explained. “I had to try to make music a career.” He considers his time to be over American Idol an important learning experience, and will enthusiastically pursue a music career. He considers the “full circle moment” he experienced American Idol a blessing.”

If anyone has seen the clip where Will chooses the host Ryan Seacrest gets off the ground, the singer has the story. It’s a thing every season as producers push firm contestants to do it. They told Will it would be “guaranteed airtime.” They also suggested that Will ask permission first, and he replied, “Why? You get a real response. It’s not like he can stop it!”

In the clips circulating online, Ryan doesn’t look all that surprised. Maybe the producers tipped him off! “He thought it was funny,” Will said.

Will then performed his original winner’s single “Good Book Bad,” which landed at No. 3 on the country’s iTunes chart.

What’s next for Will Moseley?

Will told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution that he plans to hire a manager and “book some concerts as soon as possible.”

“This show has given me a platform,” Will said. “It has given me an audience. I want to hit the ground running and play as many shows as possible. It’s been a whirlwind and everything is up in the air. But I know it will all work out in the end.”

Will, who never seemed nervous on stage, admitted to AJC: “It’s not so much the nerves,” he said. “It’s stress. A lot happens behind the scenes, there is a lot to arrange on the show days.”

Will Moseley - American Idol 2024 Top 8
(Disney/Eric McCandless) WILL MOSELEY

“There were days when we had no idea what the schedule was,” he said. “We just knew what time we had to be there. Just showing up was 80% of the battle.”

“’Idol’ helped me try new things,” Will said. “I played the last half of the shows without a guitar. I worked on stage presence with just a microphone.”

He told AJC that Steppenwolf’s “Born to Be Wild,” which closed the Disney night, was his favorite performance. He actually wanted to leave it all out there. That was a cool performance for me. I felt no pressure, even when messing up.”