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Giro d’Italia stage 5 Live – Will Jonathan Milan win again?

Giro d’Italia stage 5 Live – Will Jonathan Milan win again?



Ineos Grenadiers have now started pulling on the front, probably from more of a safety point of view, not trying to take the stage win. Pietrobon is sitting on now in the break.

When do they dare start thinking about the win? They can’t let up their efforts but it always seems to happen. They need to keep up the unity if they are to make it. 

Thomas, Pietrobon, Paleni and Valgren are the four in front as a reminder. They are absolutely flying along in harmony. The peloton have got this all wrong. 


Lidl-Trek have now started to gamble and save the rest of their train for the final with Visma, Intermarché, Jayco and QuickStep taking on the brunt of the work. The pace in the peloton is up to 62kph but they are close to being matched with the quartet hitting 60kph. 

Visma, even without Laporte are starting to commit for Kooij. Still not enough of an impression is being made on the gap, though. 

Here comes Tudor, FDJ, Bahrain and Polti now towards the front. It’s all hands on deck to try and bring this back for a sprint but the break is doing a stellar job with a 43-second advantage still giving them hope. 

Alpecin for now have stopped putting riders into the chase, they are playing a dangerous game after pacing so much earlier in the day. QuickStep, Jayco, Intermarché and Trek are the teams leading the way.


Jayco AlUla have moved through after Caleb Ewan’s criticism of the team yesterday. They’ve blinked first and the Australian must have told them he is feeling good. 

With Milan dominating yesterday and showing his strength, the rest of his competitors are clearly banking on Milan wasting his train before the finale, before they come through to help. 

The panic is setting in as Lidl-Trek begin to gesture Alpecin to come through. Where has the help gone? If they leave it all up to Trek, the break will have a fantastic shot at making it. 

If the sprint teams are able to chase down the break, they’ll have this tricky, technical finish in Lucca to navigate. Tight corner, roundabouts and narrowed roads will need to be taken well to make it to the line. The GC riders will also need to stay rubber-side down to keep their GC hopes alive. 

Its tongue out and time to give everything for Thomas and the rest of the breakaway as they fight to try and stay away. 55 seconds is the gap now. 

Alpecin-Deceuninck are again taking up the mantle for now on the front with big Daan Houle ready to empty himself for Milan and Lidl-Trek. 


The four-man break is doing a brilliant job for now with a 52-second advantage still to make up in the 20km run for home. Valgren leads them over the KOM point and the frantic downhill finale begins.

A late look at the peloton navigating the trees en route to Lucca in Tuscany.

The break hit the climb with a 1:03 advantage still well intact. The pace will really need to explode in the group behind to make a good impression on the leaders up Montemagno. 


The break still has a 57-second advantage on the peloton. 

Pace is really behind with Lidl-Trek and Ineos bookending the peloton before the climb. Bahrain Victorious are also showing themselves now after a strong finish yesterday from Phil Bauhaus who was third behind Milan and Groves. 

Here we go, time for the Montemagno climb to start with the 3 km ramp averaging a 4.3% gradient. The break mopped up all the bonus seconds that were on offer in Camaiore with the full focus now on trying to make it to Lucca. 

Dani Martínez has just made his way back onto the peloton after going off the back away from the TV cameras. He’ll be trying to make it safely to the finish without any time lost before the gravel stage tomorrow. 


Will the work of Pieter Sierry pay off for Soudal-QuickStep? With the incoming climb, Alpecin are likely to try and blow up the legs of Merlier after dropping him earlier in the day, so perhaps this is the wrong move.  

That appeared to have occurred on a nasty piece of road furniture around a left-hand corner. 



With the race passing through Massa, we’ve now moved from Liguria into the region of Tuscany as we close in on the finish in Lucca. 

The second four-man break of the day: Pietrobon, Thomas, Paleni and Valgren. Their advantage is at 1:11 with the sprinter’s teams chasing behind. 


Current top five in the points classification standings:
– Jonathan Milan (Lidl-Trek): 120
– Tim Merlier (Soudal-QuickStep): 81
– Kaden Groves (Alpecin-Deceuninck): 79
– Olav Kooij (Visma-Lease a Bike): 54
– Filippo Fiorelli (VF Group-Bardiani CSF-Faizané): 42

Christophe Laporte has made his way back into the peloton after crashing earlier in the day. He looks battered and bruised but you can expect him to give everything he has left to help Olav Kooij in the finish. 

Pietrobon wins the Intergiro sprint at the head of the road uncontested. In the peloton, Alpecin-Deceuninck sprung out from behind with Groves in a train of four riders, catching Milan off guard and mopping up the spots ahead of the Italian, leaving him only one point.

While you have the chance, make sure to read Philippa York’s Giro d’Italia analysis on the opening few stages and race leader Tadej Pogačar:

Which Pogačar was everyone expecting?


The four men out in front are pushing on nicely with a 1:30 advantage on the peloton. 


The gap to the leading quarter has gone straight out to 1:15 with QuickStep and Alpecin quickly getting back into position to stabilise the deficit. 

In the middle of that attack going, Laporte thankfully got back on his bike but with a hefty amount of road rash on his left side from where he hit the deck. 

Riders in the new move:
– Benjamin Thomas (Cofidis)
– Michael Valgren (EF Education-EasyPost)
– Enzo Paleni (Groupama-FDJ)
– Andrea Pietrobon (Polti-Kometa)

Now that the sprint is done, we’ve had the attacks restart. It is similar suspects to the day’s early move with Groupama-FDJ, Cofidis, EF Education EasyPost and Polti Kometa involved. 

Laporte is down and holding his left shin/ankle. The replay appears to show the European Champion hit a pothole or drain on the road which caused him to wobble and crash. He’s on his feet thankfully but hasn’t yet remounted. 


Milan didn’t go for the intemediate points yesterday before his win but now he is lurking close behind the front in the ciclamino jersey with his team now leading him out.


A quiet day for Geraint Thomas and Ineos Grenadiers today. They’ll just be trying to stay safe to keep the Welshman firmly in second overall behind Pogačar. 

Jakobsen has safely made it back into the peloton. His form on that first climb wasn’t a great sign that he can survive the cat.4 climb near the finish, but DSM do have Tobias Lund Andresen who is more than capable of challenging the finish.


Fabio Jakobsen is reportedly 3:40 down on the peloton but will be thankful for the slow down at the front which may help him to make it back to the peloton to avoid the time limit.

For the first time since the foot of that first climb, Alpecin have decided enough is enough and backed off the pace. Is the damage done? We’ll find out come the finish in Lucca.


Small splits forming at the back of the peloton with Merlier and Ewan again put behind the lead. They will get back in contact but this is really burning matches for the finish. Merlier is keeping calm in the chasing group with teammates around him and just measuring his efforts. 

The boys in double-denim have not given up their efforts and even after the first descent section, have continued to put on the pain just on a section of unclassified climbing. Alpecin-Deceuninck will not be popular in the peloton.


The group containing Merlier and Ewan has made contact with the back of the peloton. Again, Alpecin’s aim was just to sting the legs so they will still likely be pleased with their efforts having dropped both. 

The break is about to be caught, just four seconds in front of Alpecin now on the downhill. 


Scratch that last update, Ewan has dropped now – not a good sign of things to come for the Australian sprinter. He’ll be back with Merlier and co. behind and even is they do get back, they will struggle with the category 4 climb which tops out 20km from the finish in Lucca. 

The break are giving it a good crack and still haven’t been reeled in. Their advantage has stabilised around 26 seconds as Alpecin continue to push through Hermans. Ewan has managed to stay in contact at the back of the peloton. 

Merlier, Gaviria dropped

Lilian Calmejane (Intermarché Wanty) looks to be moving up to the front of the peloton in the Maglia Azurra. He’s not actually the leader of the King of the Mountains classification but is donning the jersey as only race leader Pogačar is ahead of him. 


Here’s Pogačar in pink. He’s sat close to the front of the peloton with his UAE team just staying safe for now.

The catch is close to being made now as the quarter are well within Alpecin’s sights behind. 

Still over 6km left to go in the climb as Stefano Oldani (Cofidis) receives some treatment back at the medical car. 

Gap to the break is now just 31 seconds.

Hermans has now hit the front as Alpecin’s assault of the course continues. Quite the effort from the Belgian squad to sting the legs of the other sprinters. 

Jimmy Janssens is the man doing the damage for Alpecin. Pithie is back in at the back of the peloton.

Fabio Jakobsen has already dropped, almost as soon as Alpecin ramped up the pace. It has been a continued struggle for the Dutch sprinter at his Giro debut. Pithie has flown by him trying to get back to the peloton. 

Alpecin have moved to the front and the gap to the break is now just 58 seconds. Groves has marshalled his troops and wants to do some damage to his rival’s legs. 


Here’s a list of the fast men to look for contesting today’s stage:
– Jonathan Milan (Lidl-Trek)
– Tim Merlier (Soudal-QuickStep)
– Olav Kooij and Christophe Laporte (Visma-Lease a Bike)
– Caleb Ewan (Jayco AlUla)
– Fabio Jakobsen and Tobias Lund Andresen (DSM-Firmenich PostNL)
– Alberto Dainese and Matteo Trentin (Tudor)
– Kaden Groves (Alpecin-Deceuninck)
– Phil Bauhaus (Bahrain-Victorious)
– Danny van Poppel (Bora-Hansgrohe)
– Juan Sebastián Molano (UAE Team Emirates)
– Laurence Pithie (Groupama-FDJ)
– Ethan Vernon (Israel-Premier Tech)

Closing in on the climb now and we could see the likes of Kaden Groves and Olav Kooij put their Alpecin and Visma teams to work to try and sting the legs of the “purer” sprinters as they tried to do yesterday. 

Harrison Wood (Cofidis) jumped out of the front of the peloton before sitting up again. Its not the first time he’s made a curious attack at this year’s Giro but it looks as though the team pulled him back as he was on the radio. 


Nature breaks over and time to restart the effort. Askey, Geschke, Bais and Tarozzi are back on the power now and building their advantage back out with under 15km to go until the first climb of the day – the Passo del Bracco (15.3 km at 4%).

Gap to the leaders no just 23 seconds with the four in front putting in no real drive, knowing the effort is futile with such a motivated peloton. 

The breakaway on stage 5 of the Giro d’Italia. Tarozzi did just jump away up the road but it appears he just had to stop momentarily. 


A look at the peloton on today’s fifth stage. They are keeping the break at a very manageable gap of 1:15 so they can make the catch whenever they want. Expect they will allow the four leaders to dangle just in front until we ramp up for the finale.

First prolonged period of descending to navigate for the break and peloton but thankfully the sunshine has left dry roads to get by instead of the wet roads that took Biniam Girmay out of the race yesterday. 


It looks as though Costiou’s decision was a good one dropping back to the peloton. Soudal-QuickStep are now taking a turn on the front and the gap has already come down to 1:35 on one of the uncategorised sections of uphill road that characterise the route. 

Geschke and Tarozzi are close to making it a four-man group at the head of the race for stage 5. The peloton sits 2:11 back with Lidl-Trek taking control of the day followed closely by Soudal-QuickStep. 


Costiou has curiously started dropping back after getting on the radio and looking around. He’s sat in between the lead duo and the chasing duo for now. 

Current race situation:
– Lewis Askey (Groupama-FDJ)
– Ewen Costiou (Arkéa-B&B Hotels)
– Mattia Bais (Polti Kometa)
Chasing: +0:27
– Simon Geschke (Cofidis)
– Manuele Tarozzi (Bardiani)
Peloton: +1:21

Stunning views on the route out of Genoa this afternoon…

The big sprint teams – Lidl-Trek, Alpecin-Deceuninck and Soudal-QuickStep seem to have put the breaks on at the front of the peloton to try and block more attacks from launching. 

Bais and Askey have dropped wood with Ewen Costiou (Arkéa-B&B Hotels) also bridging over – he’s a talented young French rider and could be an option if this move materialises. 

Attacks right from the flag – it is Cofidis who take the first shot through Wood. He’s followed by Bais from Polti, Askey from Groupama FDJ and a bigger group is coming up behind. 


Stage 5 of the 2024 Giro d’Italia is underway!

We may have a small delay in the flag drop at the start with a few riders coming back from minor spills and mechanical issues. The terrain today and dry weather do offer up more chances for an early attack.

The riders were making sure to get the carbs on board at the start and it would be rude not to in the home of focaccia. 

Small tumble for Tobias Lund Andresen (DSM-Firmenich PostNL) in the neutral zone. It hasn’t been the best start for the Dutch team with their GC leader Romain Bardet suffering with illness and neither Andresen or headline sprinter Fabio Jakobsen finishing in the top 3 of a bunch finish yet. 

The big man for the big occasion – Can Jonathan Milan take another stage win today after his mighty sprint yesterday?

All 170 riders who finished yesterday have started the fifth stage. A reminder that Biniam Girmay, Torstein Træen and Bram Welten all, unfortunately, had to leave the race on stage 4.

Relaxed atmosphere through the neutral zone. Around 6km left to get through the historic streets.

The Maglia Rosa in all its glory.

Unofficial start

Another day, another outfit – Tadej Pogačar has gone all out in pink for the fifth stage after the saga with his shorts from the third stage.

Today’s route should also offer up some opportunity for a breakaway with two categorised climbs along the way – one Cat.4 and one Cat.3. These alongside a technical run-into Lucca should make it another day far from a straightforward bunch finish. 

Here’s a look at the arch I mentioned earlier – Arco della Vittoria. Visma-Lease a Bike are the team underneath it as they eye a better sprint finish from Olav Kooij after taking sixth and fourth in the first two bunch finishes. 

Sign-on for today’s stage is in the Piazza della Vittoria with a quite stunning view of the Arco della Vittoria – a memorial for the Genoese who died in the First World War.

We’re around 35 minutes from the neutralised roll out of Genoa.

Merlier was fifth yesterday and wasn’t the biggest fan of the downhill run and super fast finale into Andora. Read what he had to say after the stage below.

‘Happy I’m still alive’ – Tim Merlier relieved and critical after fast Giro d’Italia finale

Great reception for former two-time World Champion Julian Alaphilippe as SOudal-QuickStep head on stage. He’ll be working for Tim Merlier today as the stage 3 winner looks to double up on stage victories.

Yesterday was Jonathan Milan’s day as the powerful Italian sprinter scored his second Giro stage win with a leg-breaking long dash to the line in Andora. Catch up with the stage 4 report if you missed it!

Giro d’Italia: Jonathan Milan fastest in bunch sprint to win stage 4 as sprinters catch late-race attacker Filippo Ganna

Beautiful sunny weather has greeted the teams for sign-ons and the team presentation in Genoa.

We’re back for more sprint action today with 178km of racing from Genoa to Lucca. The riders will be heading south down the Ligurian coast from one of Italy’s biggest cities into the Tuscany region.

Buongiorno and welcome to Cyclingnews‘ live coverage of stage 5 of the 2024 Giro d’Italia!