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Islam Makhachev Smashes Punching Machine With Massive Power Ahead Of UFC 302 Return Fight

Islam Makhachev Smashes Punching Machine With Massive Power Ahead Of UFC 302 Return Fight

Islam Makhachev showed off his striking power as he hit the punching machine ahead of his UFC 302 title defense against Dustin Poirier.

Although Makhachev is known for his wrestling and strength on the ground, he also has power in his hands and feet, as we saw against Alexander Volkanovski.

Ahead of his upcoming fight, Islam Makhachev hit a punching machine and it was impressive, as he finished with a score of 973, which was impressive for a lightweight.

It was impressive from Makhachev as he showed off his striking power, which fans don’t get to see all that often in his fights.

Islam Makhachev calls Dustin Poirier an easy fight

Heading into his UFC 302 title defense, Islam Makhachev is a sizeable betting favorite to defeat Dustin Poirier.

Not only does Makhachev expect to beat Poirier to defend his belt, but he says he will make it look easy as he calls Poirier an easy fight.

“Dustin, he is a warrior, legend – he has more than everybody experience in this sport,” Islam Makhachev told TMZ. “But his problem is his style. That’s the one problem this guy has. His weak point is wrestling and grappling, and I have the key for the easy fight. And if I follow the plan, I can beat him easily. My style and Khabib’s style, it’s worst style for Dustin. People who can take him down, hold him there, it always gives him problems.”

“Dustin is a good opponent because Oliveira, Arman, I beat these guys already,” Makhachev added. “My dream fight for this division is Gaethje, but he lose already. Right now in our weight, we just have Dustin because Arman said no, Oliveira lose, Gaethje lose. We don’t have anyone.”

If Makhachev does beat Poirier with ease, it’s uncertain who will be next for him.