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The youngest son of the famous Cuban baseball player Lázaro Madera leaves Cuba

The youngest son of the famous Cuban baseball player Lázaro Madera leaves Cuba

The youngest son of a Cuban baseball player Lazaro Maderawho shares his father’s name, recently left Cubasaid sports journalist Francy Romero on his Facebook profile. Madera Jr., 14, and a midfielder, “tries to sign with a Major League Baseball (MLB) organization in the Dominican Republic” said Romero.

The journalist noted that the teenager will begin preparatory training as he will only be able to sign “from January 15, 2026”. During the recent Under-15 National Championship, he played as a starter in the outfield for the Pinar del Río team.

His father, one of the great hitters from a golden generation of Cuban baseball, experienced the emigration of another of his sons, also a prominent player in the baseball world. National seriesoutfielder Osniel Maderaseveral years ago.

“The decision to leave Cuba was to prove that he could play at another level of baseball,” Lázaro Madera said CiberCuba in a 2017 interview.

His father Lázaro confessed about Osniel’s departure in an interview with PlayOff Magazine that “he was very hurt when he was left out” of a Cuba team. “All he said to me was, ‘I don’t play baseball in Cuba anymore,’” he recalled of that important moment in their lives. “The next day I went to get him, we made a little meal, got to talking, and he was determined not to play baseball anymore. That was between a Tuesday or a Wednesday, and by Friday I found out he was left without even leaving. If he leaves and achieves his goal, let him,” he recalled.

Recently an article about the digital portal JIT assured that Lázaro Madera never distanced himself from the stadiums and kept a close eye on the steps of his son Lázaro, as he did with Osniel.

Madera Family’s journey in baseball

Here are some frequently asked questions and answers about the Madera family’s experiences and plans in the baseball world.

Why did Lázaro leave Madera Jr. Cuba?

Lazaro Madera Jr. left Cuba to pursue a career in Major League Baseball (MLB) and train in the Dominican Republic.

When can Lázaro Madera Jr. sign with an MLB organization?

He can sign with an MLB organization starting January 15, 2026.

In what positions have Lázaro Madera’s sons played?

Lazaro Madera Jr. is a midfielder, while his older brother Osniel Madera has played as an outfielder.