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Nuggets’ Jamal Miuray fined 0,000 for throwing a heat pack in Game 2

Nuggets’ Jamal Miuray fined $100,000 for throwing a heat pack in Game 2

DENVER – The NBA has fined Nuggets guard Jamal Murray $100,000 – but not suspended him – for throwing multiple objects on the ground during the Timberwolves’ Game 2 victory Monday night.

During the second quarter, a white object flew to the ground as the Wolves tried to grab an offensive rebound. The possession ended when Karl-Anthony Towns got a rebound to give the Wolves a 49-30 lead.

Shortly afterwards, a video circulated online showing Murray throwing a heating pad from the bench onto the ground near where Towns was fighting to score. Officials at the time did not see Murray throw it and did not issue a technical order or ejection. Murray also threw a towel at a referee during the match.

Wolves coach Chris Finch said Murray’s throw from the heating pad was “inexcusable” and “dangerous”, and although he did not see it live, he said there was a dialogue between the team and the officials about the play.

“When it was explained to me, the referees didn’t see it either, so they can’t make a technical ruling unless they see it,” Finch said. “We tried to convince them that there probably aren’t many fans in the building that have a heat pack. So it probably had to come from the bank, which made sense to them.

“It’s inexcusable and dangerous. I’m sure there was nothing intentional at all by the officer on duty. I certainly can’t let that happen.’

Referee Marc Davis told a pool reporter after the match that if the officials had known it came from the bench, they could have ruled the play a “hostile act.” In a possible foreshadowing that there would be no suspension from the competition, Davis said the ruling would have only been a technical foul and not an ejection.

“For an ejection, you would have to determine that it was thrown directly at someone rather than out of frustration,” Davis said.

Kyle Anderson, who was on the ground at the time, said he didn’t even notice it at the time and didn’t realize it had happened until after the game.

“I didn’t even see it,” Anderson said. “That’s hilarious.”

The pad stopped moving near Towns’ feet as he went up for a layup.

“I saw it,” Towns said. “I was just worried about making the layup, I’m not going to lie to you.”