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The 2024 Gadsden Times All-Area boys and girls soccer team

The 2024 Gadsden Times All-Area boys and girls soccer team

Southside boys and girls soccer won the Gadsden Times all regional awards.

Camren Thompson and Kinsey Carter took home the Player of the Year award after being among the area’s leading goal scorers. Their coaches Randy Vice and Tiffany Cargill are the region’s coaches of the year after leading their programs to the Final Four and Elite Eight, respectively.

Here are the Gadsden Times boys and girls soccer teams for the entire area.

Gadsden Times All Area boys soccer team

First team

Gadsden Times Boys Soccer Player of the Year: Camren Thompson, Southside

Junior, come on

Why chosen: Thompson scored the second-most goals in the area with 52 on the year as he helped the Panthers to their first Final Four in program history. He was consistently the team’s top scorer and helped them to big wins throughout the year. As a forward, he also had 15 assists this year, which shows his playing ability. For coach Vice, the Player of the Year honor is all about Thompson’s hard work.

“I’m very proud of him. He puts the work ethic into it. You go to any of our parks in Rainbow City, if you try to find Camren, you’ll find him, whether he’s alone or with other people. We were in a camp for little kids and I look in the corner. Somebody says who that is and I say I guarantee it’s Camren Thompson, taking pictures and dribbling through cones all by himself,” Vice said.

Bladimir Cervantes, Gadsden City

Junior, midfielder

Why chosen: Cervantes helped Gadsden City have a top year with 30 goals and 15 assists from midfield.

Brandon Cervantes, Gadsden City

Senior, defense

Why chosen: Cervantes helped anchor a strong Gadsden City defense all year, assisting with seven goals.

Hayes Cosby, Southside

Junior, goalkeeper

Why chosen: Cosby was the shutdown goalie for the Panthers and led their one-two punch. He started 18 games and won 16 starts with five shutouts. He allowed 21 goals with 93 saves on the year.

Trek Gardner, South Side

Sophomore, midfielder

Why chosen: Gardner helped the Panthers to their first Final Four with 20 assists to lead the team.

Ian McClantoc, Glencoe

Senior, defense

Why chosen: McClantoc is an AHSAA record holder for longest field goal with 65 yards. It was one of two goals he scored this year and he has 252 steals to his name this year.

Luis Miguel, Collinsville

Junior, midfielder

Why chosen: Miguel helped Collinsville return to the playoffs with 17 goals, 16 assists and 15 steals on the year.

Conner Montgomery, Glencoe

Junior, midfielder

Why chosen: Montgomery is one of the best assistants in state history and currently ranks 11th in the record books after 14 this season. He added 32 goals.

Caleb Ogle, Southside

Senior, defense

Why chosen: Ogle helped anchor a stout defense for the Panthers and assisted on offense with 12 goals and four assists.

A. J. Shumate, Guntersville

Junior, come on

Why chosen: Shumate was the area’s top scorer and among the state leaders with 62 goals on the year. He has 162 career goals, 10 away from breaking the AHSAA career record.

Ouzeiph Toumiba, South Side

Senior, defense

Why chosen: Toumbia was one of the best defensemen in the region, a big reason why the Panthers had 10 shutouts this year. He was also able to step up and help the attack with nine goals on the year.

Second team

Will Argo, Southside

Junior, midfielder

Why chosen: Argo had 10 assists for a Final Four team this season.

Brayden Boulware, Westbrook Christian

Seniors, midfielder

Why chosen: The Warriors reached the Final Four after strong midfield play led by Boulware. He scored fourteen goals this year.

Aiden Cornutt, Glencoe

Eldest, come on

Why chosen: One of the top scorers in AHSAA history, ranking at No. 6 for career goals at season’s end. He scored 43 times this year with 11 assists.

Ethan Daffron, Westbrook Christian

Seniors, midfielder

Why chosen: Daffron had nine goals and 15 assists on a Final Four team.

Sigurd Oak, South Side

Eldest, defender

Why chosen: I was one of the best defenders in the area, which is why the Panthers were able to record a pair of shutouts. He added four assists.

Byron Felix, Gadsden City

Sophomore, midfielder

Why chosen: Felix had eight goals and eight assists on a Sweet 16 team.

Aaron Herrera, Collinsville

Junior, come on

Why chosen: Herrera had an excellent season, highlighted by his eight goals in one match. He scored 39 goals and 17 assists.

Lake Julio, Gadsden City

Junior, goalkeeper

Why chosen: Lake made 20 starts on the year with 10 shutouts. He allowed 24 goals with 70 saves.

William Martin, Southside

Sophomore, defenseman

Why chosen: Martin was part of a lockdown Panthers defense, helping with five assists on the season.

Daniel Rohlfs, Westbrook Christian

Eldest, defender

Why chosen: The Warriors reached the Final Four as Rohlfs helped close down the back end, even assisting with four goals.

Zakorean Shack, Gadsden City

Sophomore, defenseman

Why chosen: The Titans’ backend was held down by Shack, as he was instrumental in why they had 10 shutouts.

Honorable mention: Gadsden City: Dimitri Guerrero (jr. F); Glencoe: Lance Cochran (Jr. Mid), Robert Edgar (Sr. G); South side: Jason Greene (Jr. Mid), Alex Mullins (Sr. F), Grant Vice (Jr. D/F); Westbrook Christian: JD Berndt (jr. F), Ryder Megois (jr. F)

Coach of the Year: Randy Vice, Southside

Why chosen: Vice and the Panthers went 25-3-1 this year, but the highlight was reaching the first Final Four in program history. The season also featured a historic win over Mountain Brook and a 4-1-1 record against teams in higher divisions. The Panthers won the Etowah County Tournament and the Rainbow City Classic.

Gadsden Times All Area girls soccer team

First team

Gadsden Times Girls Soccer Player of the Year: Kinsey Carter, Southside

Junior, come on

Why chosen: Carter was one of the top players on the best team in the region, cementing her selection as player of the year after a 26-goal season. She wasn’t selfish and also added 19 assists this year. For Cargill, it took a long time for Carter to be recognized as the best of the best.

“Kinsey has been special for a long time. She came to us as a seventh grader and was able to start as a seventh grader. Her stats were higher than anyone on our team, but COVID lowered that. Every year she has grown exponentially. Her goals and assists increase by 25-30% every time. Right now she is at her peak and next year I expect her to do the same,” said Cargill.

Anna Claire Ashley, Gadsden City

Eldest, defender

Why chosen: Ashley had 88 steals this year and was one of the best defenders in the region.

Madison Ashley, Southside

Junior, midfielder

Why chosen: Ashley scored six times and had eleven assists from midfield and was one of the facilitators of the Panthers attack.

Leslie Corona, Collinsville

Eldest, midfield

Why chosen: Corona was the area’s leading scorer with 44 goals, 14 assists and 22 steals.

Marley Cox, Westbrook Christian

Juniors, midfield

Why chosen: Cox scored eight times from midfield.

Maria Hernández, Collinsville

Senior, defense

Why chosen: Hernandez helped hold down the Panthers’ defense with 31 steals on the year, tallying seven goals and five assists.

Madelyn Machen, Westbrook Christian

Eldest, goalkeeper

Why chosen: Machen had 17 shutouts and allowed 12 goals this year. She made 67 saves.

Lexi Page, Jacksonville

Group 8, go ahead

Why chosen: Page was the main striker with 35 goals this year and 11 assists.

Miriam Rasool, Gadsden City

Sophomore, defense

Why chosen: Rasool had 39 steals this year.

Sarah Sloughfy, Jacksonville

Juniors, midfield

Why chosen: Sloughfy had 29 assists to go with 19 goals this season. She was a leader on a young team that made it to the Final Four.

Maddy Sprinkle, Southside

Junior, defense

Why chosen: Sprinkle had a strong defensive season and was a big reason the Panthers had 14 shutouts this year.

Second team

Fabiana Bartolome, Boaz

Seniors, midfielder

Why chosen: Bartolome scored twelve goals and ten assists this season.

Raegan Brooks, Gadsden City

Freshman, midfielder

Why chosen: The Titans fell in the first round, but Brooks still shined with 25 steals and four goals on the year.

Emma Easterling, Jacksonville

Junior, defense

Why chosen: A selection for the North-South all-star game, Easterling is one of the best defensemen in the region.

Alex Esquivel, Boaz

Junior, defense

Why chosen: Esquivel had 51 tackles this year.

Lizbeth Garcias, Boaz

Senior, defense

Why chosen: Garcías had 45 tackles this year.

Ava Legg, Westbrook Christian

Junior, midfielder

Why chosen: The Warriors made it to the Elite Eight because Legg had three goals and two assists this year.

Hannah Maddox, Southside

Sophomore, goalkeeper

Why chosen: Maddox completed 14 shutouts, allowed 32 goals and made 102 saves this year.

Margaret Stacey, Gadsden City

Senior, defense

Why chosen: Stacey had 47 steals this year.

Makayla Walker, Southside

Sophomore, midfield

Why chosen: Walker had 17 goals and eight assists from midfield.

Emerson Weaver, Jacksonville

Group 8, go ahead

Why chosen: Another member of the Golden Eagles’ young but talented core. Weaver scored 24 goals and had 21 assists this year.

Anna Grace Whittemore, Westbrook Christian

Freshmen, come on

Why chosen: Whittemore shined in the playoffs, starting with a five-goal game in the opener, in the year she had 21 goals.

Honorable mention: Gadsden City: Ella Jennings (Soph. G), Evie Millican (Sr. Mid), Fiyinfoluwa Oguntuyo (Soph. F); Hokes Bluff: Ava Jarrells (Sr. F); Jacksonville: Kelsie Sigler (8th, G); South side: Kelsey Jackson (Sr. D); Westbrook Christian: Lilly Ostendorf (Fr. Mid), Julian Shoars (Jr. D)

Coach of the Year: Tiffany Cargill

Why chosen: The Lady Panthers reached the Elite Eight and went 23-6-1 on the year. The Lady Panthers took home the Etowah County Tournament title.