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The Learning Tree Was A Cool Concept And Challenge, But I’ve Moved On

The Learning Tree Was A Cool Concept And Challenge, But I’ve Moved On

Brian Myers is all about the present and The System.

Myers has been part of several major (and Major) singles, tag and stable storylines in his professional wrestling career. From the Edgeheads to the Major Brothers to The System, Myers has been a member of some big stables in WWE and TNA. However, Myers got a chance to lead a stable when TNA wrote the Learning Tree character for him.

Myers debuted the stable after Slammiversary 2020, and the group consisted of Myers, Zicky Dice, Manny Lemons and VSK. The group had a decent run on TNA programming, but promptly ended on the February 17, 2022 episode of Impact. Now, the Learning Tree name has gotten more attention because of its use by Chris Jericho in All Elite Wrestling.

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Brian Myers on The Learning Tree

Sometimes fans (and peers) have taken issue with Jericho using the name in AEW. However, Myers told WrestleZone that he never tried to trademark it himself, and he isn’t too bothered by it.

“Here’s my thoughts on that. When that was said whatever, last week on television, I was on a family vacation. (I was) about as disconnected from wrestling and my phone as I’ve been in years. Having a wonderful time, and my timeline and mentions blew up. And I couldn’t have given af*cking sh*t about it. So, there’s your answer, I don’t give a sh*t.

“I never trademarked it. If Chris wants it, he can have it. We have the same f*cking trademark lawyer. He can have at it. The Learning Tree in TNA Wrestling was super fun and something I thought was really growing and clicking, and (was) a very entertaining part of the show. But ultimately it doesn’t matter to me. Because, The System right now is literally the biggest thing on the show. So what do I care about the Learning Tree?”

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Leadership Skills

The Learning Tree stable got a good amount of time (by today’s standards) and lasted 18 months in TNA. Myers was asked if he felt like TNA gave him the reigns to lead the group as a vote of confidence in his skills.

Myers agreed and said the whole concept was based on him being a coach and co-owner at the Create-A-Pro wrestling school. The experience was fun, but Myers maintained that he’s moved on and has The System to focus on now.

“A little bit. It was a cool concept and challenge. It was a collaborative thing with TNA creative. Basically voting off my wrestling school Creative Pro Wrestling. And kind of was doing that in real life anyway right? So that’s all it was. But it was, like I said, it was really fun. It was a cool opportunity but I’ve moved on.”

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