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Candace Parker’s ‘Next Chapter’ includes a new role at Adidas

Candace Parker’s ‘Next Chapter’ includes a new role at Adidas

Just a week after announcing her retirement from the WNBA, the former Las Vegas Aces star is embarking on a new journey as president of Adidas women’s basketball.

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Candace Parker named president of Adidas women’s basketball

Candace Parker

After an impressive 16 years in the WNBA, Parker is ready for a “new chapter” in her career. During her time in the league, the two-time WNBA MVP won titles with the Los Angeles Sparks in 2016, the Chicago Sky in 2021 and the Aces in 2023.

She became the first woman to own an Adidas signature basketball shoe in 2010, and now she’s ready to begin the journey as president of women’s basketball for the brand.

“I told Adidas, ‘I don’t want to be a mascot,’” she said in an interview, according to ESPN. “I really want to be at the meetings and be part of making decisions.”

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Adidas basketball global leader Eric Wise said in a statement: “In her new role as president, Parker will work with the brand to create a powerful platform focused on influencing and improving the future of women’s sports. The WNBA legend will leveraging her deep knowledge of the game and the needs of female athletes to set a clear and impactful direction, focusing on access, increased representation and breaking down barriers on a global scale.”

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Candace Parker’s ‘Next Chapter’ at Adidas

Parker and Adidas shared the news on Instagram on Wednesday morning.

“The Next Chapter. After 16 years as a brand partner, we are honored to announce Candace Parker as President of Adidas Women’s Basketball,” the caption reads.

“This new leadership role symbolizes a shared commitment to making impactful changes and setting new benchmarks for the future of women’s sports. it’s about advancing a movement focused on representation, access and innovation.” -Ace.”

Many fans immediately took to the comments to congratulate Parker on her new role.

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“The GOAT! Women’s Basketball has begun!” wrote one person. Another added: “That’s what’s going on, especially GOAT status. Gotta be honest with you Ace with what you’re doing. You’re definitely creating great opportunities for women’s basketball. Bigger arenas, bigger forums, bigger platforms!”

The WNBA responded with “1 of 1” and the Aces simply responded with heart emojis.

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Candace Parker recently announced her retirement from the League

Not long after this year’s WNBA Draft, Parker shared in an emotional social media post that she was saying goodbye to the court.

“I’m retiring. I promised that I would never cheat on the game and that I would leave it in a better place than I came in. The competitor in me always wants one more, but it’s time,” she wrote in the caption of a throwback photo of her as a child holding a basketball. “My HEART and body knew it, but I had to give my mind time to accept it.”

Her caption continued, “I always wanted to leave the field without a parade or a tour, just in private with the ones I love. What would now be my last game, I walked off the field with my daughter. I just ended the journey the way I started it, with her.”

Candace Parker’s foot injury isn’t helping, but that doesn’t mean she’s done with basketball

Candace Parker

She also talked about an injury that is “not cooperating” and that “it’s not fun to play in pain.” She explained that she has had ten surgeries in her career and that “it’s not fun to accept having to have surgery AGAIN.”

Because of her love for the ‘little orange ball’, which started at the age of 13, her ‘world goes round’.

“The highs are unparalleled and the lows have taught me lessons. On and off the court, I pride myself on always being true and staying true to ME even when it wasn’t popular,” she continued.

“I’m grateful that I played the game for a living for 16 years and DESPITE all the injuries, I played hoops. I am grateful for family, friends, teammates, coaches, doctors, trainers and fans who have made this journey so special. “

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Her caption went on to explain that even though she’s retired from playing, she’s a “company” and far from done with the sport.

“In the meantime, please know that I am a business, man, and not a businessman,” she wrote. “This is the beginning… I’m attacking business, private equity, ownership (I’ll own both an NBA and WNBA team), broadcasting, production, boardrooms, beach volleyball, dominoes (sorry honey, it’s getting more real ) with the same intensity and focus as I did basketball.”

‘Parker Staring 5 Loads’

In December, Parker announced the news that a new baby was on the way.

“Parker starts loading from 5! Mom and Dad are switching from man-2-man to zone defense this spring!” Parker shared it in her Instagram caption.

“After four years in the game, we are focused on building our roster. We know this rookie will add to our depth chart and add to the versatility of our team. The rookie will join our current roster, existing out of a shooter, point forward, rebounder, and little Tikes edge forward!”

Her creative announcement attracted a lot of positive attention. Among the many congratulations, many commented on the originality of her announcement.

“Lmbo best caption ever,” wrote Alysha Clark of the Aces. Brittany Mahomes added: “THE caption of all captions.”