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Postecoglou makes Tottenham Skipp’s plans clear

Postecoglou makes Tottenham Skipp’s plans clear

Tottenham boss Ange Postecoglou admits they may see Oliver Skipp more as a left-back.

The midfielder played an unusual full-back role against Liverpool in a 4-2 defeat.

Although the move was made due to injuries, Postecoglou admits it is always an option for him.

He told reporters: We have been working with Skippy over the last few weeks. When we lost Destiny and Ben and left with Emerson, who is not really a left-back, we looked around at the options and in training we used him in that space.

I thought he did well when he arrived. The way we play with full-backs, especially with certain positionings, he wouldn’t be that unfamiliar with the positions he would have to take.

He is an option for us and I think we need another option because we have three games this week and we only have Emerson as a back-up full-back at the club.”

On Skipp being part of his plans, he added: Yeah, I don’t see any reason why not. He probably feels like he could have played more this year.

Given the way the season has gone for us in terms of our game schedule, he has probably been one of those who has suffered as we have failed to get the playing time rotations we need all year long. But yes, I see Skippy as part of our future.”