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Jayden Daniels and Malik Nabers cancel ,000 rookie of year bet: ‘We don’t want to get in trouble’

Jayden Daniels and Malik Nabers cancel $10,000 rookie of year bet: ‘We don’t want to get in trouble’

Rookies don’t know what they don’t know. And it’s a good bet that first-round picks Jayden Daniels and Malik Nabers learned that lesson this week.

The LSU teammates, friends and top-10 picks in last month’s NFL Draft recently made a $10,000 bet on one to be selected as the 2024 Offensive Rookie of the Year. Nabers spilled the details during a recent podcast appearance, and attention increased when Daniels, the Washington Commanders’ new quarterback, received a question about the bet.

Now the bet is off after Nabers, the wide receiver selected sixth overall by the Giants, learned about the NFL’s betting policy Friday morning before the rookie minicamp in New York.

“Now that I’m here, I’m educated about sports betting and gambling,” Nabers said. ‘We’re canceling the bet. There’s no bet now. It was just another brother pushing another brother to try to achieve success. That was all.”

All rookies spend their first few days with their new organization learning the playbook and rules of being an NFL player. That includes the league’s gambling policy, which was updated in 2023. Several players received lengthy, if not season-long, suspensions for betting on NFL games.

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While not explicitly addressed in the new guidelines, this type of private betting among friends caught attention when Nabers shared the details on draft night while chatting on “The Pivot” podcast. Daniels, the reigning Heisman Trophy winner, was followed up on Keyshawn Johnson’s “All Facts No Brakes” podcast.

“Man, he wasn’t supposed to tell nobody,” Daniels said in the episode, which was released this week. “It should be – something’s going on.”

Like his top college receiver turned division rival, Daniels said Friday they had turned down the bet.

“Yes, we had no knowledge of the gambling policy in the NFL,” said Daniels, who made his Commanders practice debut on Friday. “We heard about it last night. Me and (Malik) had a conversation and we canceled the bet. Obviously we don’t want to get in trouble or anything, so we’re just focused on being the best players for our respective teams.”

Whether Daniels, the No. 2 pick in the draft, opens the season as the starter — the likely outcome, though the organization is not pushing for such declarations — or not, all eyes were on Dynamic Playmaker fans’ hopes of ending to the decades of the franchise. -long quarterback battle.

“Just being myself, being a hard worker,” Daniels said of how he will navigate this new terrain and his leadership responsibilities. ‘Don’t try to be someone I’m not. People distinguish real from fake, authentic and who is not. I’ve just been out there, just being myself, trying to make connections, talk to people. Obviously I’m 23. There are a lot of different age groups in this locker room, so try to relate to them as much as possible to show them that for me it’s about the team, it’s about hard work and I’m just here to get better every day.”

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