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‘Couldn’t be worse,’ New England Patriots fans stunned by ‘really bad’ new logo ahead of 2024 NFL season

‘Couldn’t be worse,’ New England Patriots fans stunned by ‘really bad’ new logo ahead of 2024 NFL season

NEW England Patriots fans aren’t too happy with the team’s new logo.

With the 2024 NFL season quickly approaching, the Patriots subtly unveiled their new alternate logo in a tweet on Friday.

New England Patriots fans are apparently especially dissatisfied with the team’s new alternate logoCredit: Getty
The Patriots have used variations of their current “Flying Elvis” logo since 1993Credit: Getty
“This is really bad,” one fan said of the logo previously revealed by former Patriots linebacker Brandon Spikes on XCredit: Twitter/x/BrandonSpikes55

The team took to X, formerly known as Twitter, to reveal the new jersey numbers of their draft class.

In the image was the team’s new round logo with the letters “NE” containing the regular figure of “Flying Elvis”.

Surrounding this is a blue and red ring with the text ‘New England Patriots’ and ‘Est. 1960’.

Despite the logo’s soft release, it didn’t take long for it to make the rounds on social media.

“This is really bad,” one fan said of the new design.

“It couldn’t be worse,” said a second.

“Imagine having Pat the Patriot and settling for this,” another added.

Not that everyone felt this way, with one fan replying: “I love it…It should be the new midfield logo”

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It turned out that the logo had also previously appeared on X a tweet from former Patriots linebacker Brandon Spikes.

During a recent trip to Foxboro, he shared a photo of the new logo on a wall at Gillette Stadium.

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Following Friday’s outrage following the release of the new logo, the Patriots’ social media team took full advantage of the situation.

Using the popular meme of a woman yelling at a cat, the team captioned it the shot from the woman: “Fans: you’re changing the logo.”

The photo of the can was then captioned: “Us: No we’re not.”

It is therefore unclear exactly how the team will use this new logo.

The Patriots’ social media team used a popular meme to make it clear that the new logo would not replace their existing ‘Flying Elvis’Credit: Twitter/X/@Patriots

The Patriots’ current “Flying Elvis” logo has been in use since 1993 and underwent a minor color change in 2000.

Before that, Pat Patriot had decorated the team’s helmets since 1961, with minor redesigns of the figure over the years.

This logo has appeared sporadically over the years as part of New England’s throwback uniforms.

Imagine having Pat the Patriot and settling for this.

X user

However, originally the team’s logo was a simple blue hat with three corners.

This was only used for the team’s first season in 1960.

The Patriots wore their “Pat Patriot” logo twice in 2023Credit: Getty