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Russia hopes to get ‘their man in the White House’ to undermine NATO in case of World War III – World News

Russia hopes to get ‘their man in the White House’ to undermine NATO in case of World War III – World News

Donald Trump’s sympathies for Russia have long been documented, but one expert has suggested that Putin is actively trying to get him re-elected to the White House to undermine US support for Ukraine.

An expert has said that Russia hopes to get Trump into the White House so he can withdraw from Ukraine

Russia is developing a major way to undermine NATO and attack Europe, an expert has warned.

From Kremlin-affiliated motorcycle gangs to GPS jamming: Putin has been developing ways to attack the West for years. And with the war in Ukraine bringing back open warfare to Europe the likes of which the continent has not seen since World War II, many are wondering where NATO’s vulnerabilities lie.

Speaking to the Mirror, author and researcher studying Russia Keir Giles explained the ways in which Russia could undermine its main adversary in Europe – NATO. He said: “It is still true that Russia wants to avoid any open conflict with NATO as a whole, but that still leaves open a range of different options for a Russian attack, while being confident that they will not get a joint response . So that’s what analysts are looking at: what could Russia do to make some incremental gains at the expense of a NATO country, without the rest of the alliance reacting.”

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Putin’s presence continues to play a major role in Europe (POOL/AFP via Getty Images)

NATO, or the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, is an intergovernmental military alliance of 32 member states: 30 European and two North American. It is a collective security system, so the independent member states agree to defend each other against third-party attacks.

Mr. Giles is highly critical of Trump and his continued apparent support for Russia. European leaders also called out Trump for his “anti-Ukrainian sentiment” and “pro-Russian stance,” including delaying the bill providing military aid to Ukraine while it is being passed by Congress. Some have even suggested that Trump worked on behalf of the Russians, something the former president has denied.

Rescuers and firefighters extinguish a fire at a meat processing plant on the northeastern outskirts of Kharkiv, Ukraine(Anadolu via Getty Images)

The expert said: “Russia does not need to attack the US. They’ve already done that. If they get their man re-elected in November, they won’t have to attack the US because he will work very hard for them from the US. White House. And the very last thing Russia wants is an open confrontation with a much more powerful opponent. That’s what you would get if there was a direct and open attack on the US as seen so far.”

Mr Giles continued: “NATO’s main strength, as it has always been, is also its main weakness. That is the requirement for unity and the ease with which an individual ally can torpedo a collective response. What people are concerned about is that it could be the US, the lynchpin of NATO and the military capability that underlies everything. If Russia wins the US presidential election, Russia wins the war in Ukraine and all kinds of options are open.”