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Standout coffee shop in St. Pete Beach is expanding with Grove Surf Cafe

Standout coffee shop in St. Pete Beach is expanding with Grove Surf Cafe

There’s a new, hip breakfast and lunch spot on Indian Rocks Beach, and it’s from the same team behind Grove Surf & Coffee (7370 Gulf Blvd). The appropriate name Grove Cafe has officially opened at 1309 Gulf Blvd. It is currently open Wednesday to Sunday from 8am – 3pm. The hours may be expanded in the coming months. Make sure you follow the cafe on Instagram for updates.

This will be slightly different from their more retail-focused hub on Corey Avenue. The restaurant will heavily emphasize lunch and breakfast offerings, with the addition of beer, wine and specialty drinks. Don’t worry, Grove still has its great coffee program at the new cafe. Visitors can also find brand new Grove merchandise in the cafe.

a piece of toast next to an iced lattea piece of toast next to an iced latte
Enjoy sensational avocado toast with a toasted coconut latte at Grove Surf & Coffee

Grove is experiencing success and expansion after four years in business

The debut is a full-circle moment for Grove owners Lindsey and Peter Gottschling. The new location is right next to the Nekton Surf Shop, a business that Peter has run for many years.

“Peter was Nekton’s manager for over ten years,” says Lindsey Gottschling in an interview with I Love the Burg.

“Grove Surf & Coffee on St. Pete Beach was originally intended as a pure surf shop,” Lindsey adds. Originally, they brought in coffee to supplement retail. The coffee bar has grown enormously in popularity in the almost four years that the café has been open. Their love for retail is reflected in the Grove brand merchandise they sell. I have three different dyed Grove T-shirts at home, it’s about to become a real collection.

people queue around the bay doors of a beach cafepeople queue around the bay doors of a beach cafe
The new Grove Surf Cafe has a breezy patio just steps from Indian Rocks Beach

One of the best surf shops on the beach

“The merchandise is basically Peter’s claim to fame,” Lindsey adds. Peter spent a lot of time perfecting the branding and fun designs ahead of Grove’s debut in 2020. Lindsey’s claim to fame, in her words, is the toasted coconut latte. This drink is just one of many signature craft brews that have contributed to the beachside coffee shop’s success.

“We recently redesigned the St. Pete Beach location because the demand for our coffee has become so high,” Lindsey adds.

The new Grove Cafe is all about delivering those delicious, tasty beach meals. It covers 1,800 square meters of interior space with a 400 square meter terrace. They have a new in-house pastry chef and a selection of tempting sandwiches and toast.

someone pours milk over a latte someone pours milk over a latte
Grove’s acclaimed coffee program has seen it grow in four years

A sensational new cafe on Indian Rocks Beach

Some of the most important rippers are:

  • Beetroot sandwich: roasted ciabatta, roasted beets, mixed vegetables, golden raisin puree, pistachio, goat cheese, homemade pesto
  • Hash Brown Bowl: soft scrambled eggs, crispy potato wedges, bacon or avocado, tomato, pickled red onion, sourdough toast
  • Avocado Toast: local sourdough, guacamole, radish, pickled red onion, corn nuts, feta, tajin
  • Yogurt parfait: Greek yogurt, banana, almond butter, homemade granola, seasonal jam, roasted coconut
  • Chicken Caesar Wrap: grilled chicken fillet, romaine, parmesan cheese, homemade croutons, homemade dressing

Vegan and gluten-free options/substitutions may be available. Please ask the in-house team about this when ordering. For the kids (and for adults who love the great portable snacks), Grove Surf Cafe also has Uncrustables.

interior of a coffee shop with Edison bulbs covered in bamboo hanging above the white tile counterinterior of a coffee shop with Edison bulbs covered in bamboo hanging above the white tile counter
Inside Grove’s original surf and coffee shop on St. Pete Beach

Why support local business

Both the coffee and surf shop and café are pure labors of love. “We opened in 2020 and weathered the pandemic,” Lindsey said. “If we can do that, we can do anything.”

The owners note that they have a great group of regular customers who have supported their store since day 1, but they also meet tourists from all over the world every week.

“We want to have something for everyone – and something for visitors to take home with them,” says Lindsey.