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Member of Parliament Dineros Woodpatch ‘Potter’ does Petska and Cervi proud

Member of Parliament Dineros Woodpatch ‘Potter’ does Petska and Cervi proud

Cory Petska has spent a career building a reputation for riding good horses. The 2017 World Champion Heeler, who rode in 15 Wrangler National Finals Rodeos between 2003 and 2018, has a wife who shares his passion for raising, training and riding great horses with four-time World Champion Barrel Racer Sherry Cervi. They rope and walk tons on all their horses, and one of the current stars of their program is a 9-year-old gray stallion they call Potter.

MP Dineros Woodpatch is Potter’s registered name and his father was PC Frenchmans Heyday. You will remember him best as Dinero, the great palomino Sherry who rode at the NFR in 2005-2006 and sired both Sherry’s superstar mare Stingray whom she rode at the finals every year from 2009 to 2015, and Hailey Kinsel’s sensational Sister .

family tree for MP Dineros Woodpatch aka Potter

“Dinero was a great fit for the breeding program my father (Hall of Fame timed event cowboy Mel Potter) already had in place,” Sherry said. “Potter’s mother was MP Rosewood, by Lone Drifter, who was the basis of my father’s entire breeding program and descended from (1946 World Champion Team Roper) Chuck Sheppard. Potter’s mother goes back to Troubles’ breeding farm, Lay A Patch (the gray Sherry won the world), and Stingray’s mother was a three-quarter sister to Hawk (Sherry’s great porpoise that she rode early in her career).

Mel actually sold Potter as a yearling, and his second owners gave him his stable name. Australian-born horse trainer Lee Deacon showed Potter as a cow horse with a rein before Cory and Sherry bought him back two years ago when he was seven.

“Dinero (who was a full brother to Kristie Peterson’s big barrel horse Bozo) had passed away not long before Mel sent Sherry and I to Oklahoma to look at Potter as a possible replacement stallion,” Cory explained. “This horse had never been lifted. I followed him once – three times – and he already knew what to do. I then said to Sherry, ‘We have to buy this horse, he has something special.’

Here’s a little known fact for you: Cory has also made it to the finals twice with Dinero, but didn’t ride him there because of the way the ropers are stacked tightly together, head to tail, in the run-up lane behind the stalls at the Thomas. & Mack Center in Vegas.

“Dinero was a great stud to be with, but putting him in that stud position wouldn’t have been fair to him,” Cory said. “A lot of guys get off their horses and leave them loose, and he would have been so excited by the time we got to the heel box that it just wouldn’t have been fair to ask him to focus on his job .”

Potter has his father’s easy-going nature and wears this program’s signature DMP mark on his right shoulder. I asked, and that brand stands for Wendy Potter (Mel’s wife, Sherry’s mother and Cory’s mother-in-law) if you turn it upside down. Potter won Best Heel Horse honors at the Mike Cervi Jr. Memorial Pro Classic Team Roping 2024, held in honor of Sherry’s late first husband in Casa Grande, Arizona, in February.

“Potter is my father’s entire breeding program in one horse,” Sherry said. “All the horses I have ridden and been successful with are in his papers, including Dinero and Troubles. He laid the foundation for the Potter Ranch program on both sides. Cory and I bought it again to use, as did Dinero, and I was enrolled in Potter in the barrels within a few months.

“Dinero was great, and Potter is so much broker than Dinero,” added Cory, who has won more than $2.5 million in tug-of-war. ‘They are both very fast, but because of his cow-horse training, Potter sits on his shoulders and uses his behind so much more. That is a big advantage for him.”

Cory says Potter is definitely rodeo caliber, and he and Sherry plan to rodeo this summer, as she has had success in the barrel race on a pair of Stingray babies.

“It would be the coolest thing to ride Potter at the NFR,” said Cory. “To this day I still regret not riding there with Dinero. It would be great to drive his son there. But given the location of that alley, I don’t know if I could ever ride a stud there.

There are currently five stallions in the Potter Ranch program, including Potter, Alone Drifter, MP King George and two 2-year-olds from Epic Leader’s Stingray. Like Potter, most babies from these bloodlines from Marana, Arizona, are sold as yearlings.

“Mel rode horses his entire career with bloodlines that were the foundation of this program,” Cory said. “He stayed true to his beliefs in his foundation and what those horses could do. We breed good-thinking horses that are healthy and great rodeo horses that can handle any event you want. Potter and his cow-horse training have proven that they can be great outside of the rodeo.

“Sherry and I rope and barrel on all our horses because we feel it makes them better horses and keeps them in better spirits. We also breed them all, and handle the cattle in the pasture when they are three and four before we put any pressure on them. Our goal is simply to breed great horses that do what you want.”