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Free agents want to come to AEW, that’s where the best wrestlers can be

Free agents want to come to AEW, that’s where the best wrestlers can be

Tony Khan discusses what makes AEW special and says the quality of their athletes is one of their biggest strengths.

In conversation with Tony Pike and Rick Ucchino Cincy 360Tony Khan was asked to comment on how AEW’s product was different from other companies.

“AEW, we have the most exciting matches in my opinion and great stories happening,” said Tony Khan. “We are truly a challenger brand. We fight against the establishment and have built up a huge fan base in a relatively short time. People who like the fast, exciting action and the interviews. I think people at AEW really feel a connection with the wrestlers. We don’t write the interviews here.”

“People go out, what they’re talking about, maybe they have bullet points and key pieces of information that they’re trying to get out, but it feels like you’re hearing a real person talking, which isn’t always the case. feels in some interviews with the competition. I think that’s a big difference. I think our greatest strength is the quality of athletes and the charisma of our biggest stars. Some of the biggest names in wrestling are in AEW, and there’s a reason these big free agents want to come here to AEW. It’s because this is the place for the best wrestling.”

WrestleZone will cover AEW Dynamite as it airs on May 8.

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