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Chandler gets revenge on Higley for the Arizona HS girls lacrosse title

Chandler gets revenge on Higley for the Arizona HS girls lacrosse title


The Chandler Huskies Women’s Lacrosse team defeated Higley High School in a nail-biting final 14-13, making team history by securing their first state title. The team finished the season undefeated. The Huskies lost the finals to Higley last year.

“Their goal was to get back to the championship and win,” head coach Ellie King said. “I’ve been talking to the team a lot throughout the season and I’m trying to prepare them the best I can. In the end, we went undefeated and won the whole game. I’m so excited for these girls and what they can do to put Arizona at to set the map.” Lacrosse on the map.”

They finished the season 13-0 and also became the first girls program in Arizona to achieve a national ranking. The no-cut club team is made up of girls from Chandler and Gilbert high schools. Lacrosse is not an AIA sanctioned sport.

Highlights of the game

Chandler started the game well, going up 8-0 in the first quarter and adding two more goals to put Higley up 10-0 midway through the second quarter. It wasn’t until the end of the seven minutes that Higley scored their first goal. The Knights went on to score eight straight, but Chandler scored a Tabitha Goon score late in the third quarter in response to Higley’s nine answered scores.

Heading into the final quarter, Chandler scored first to go up 12-9. Higley scored the next three goals to tie the championship 12–12. With less than three minutes to play, Chandler’s Victoria Chen scored to put the Huskies within match point, but Higley’s Ashlyn Campbell answered with a minute to play to tie the game at 13-13.

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Goon then completed her hat trick, scoring the winning goal for Chandler.

“Unbelievable feeling,” said coach King. “Proud of the team. Despite the comeback, we didn’t give up, and now we can enjoy our hard-earned victory.”

Lacrosse on the rise

Last week, Brophy won the high school boys lacrosse championship.

The Arizona Girls Lacrosse Association (AGLA) and the Arizona Lacrosse League oversee high school sports as club sports. AGLA Chairman Izzy Jade said an exciting championship match like the one between Chandler and Higley can be a springboard for the growth of women’s lacrosse in Arizona.

“This match not only marked an important point for both teams, but also served as evidence of another successful season,” said Jade. “Lacrosse is still a growing sport in Arizona and we need to establish additional programs to continue to grow its popularity across the state. Overall, I am extremely proud of the progress we have made and look forward to what is to come in Lacrosse.”