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Young Contractor Dillon Tateson Looks Forward to Taking Bulls to the Second Annual Koye Larson Memorial – The Professional Bull Riders

Young Contractor Dillon Tateson Looks Forward to Taking Bulls to the Second Annual Koye Larson Memorial – The Professional Bull Riders

AIDRIE, Alta. – This weekend’s Koye Larson Memorial PBR in Brooks, Alberta marks young PBR Canada contractor Dillon Tateson’s sixth year breeding and transporting bulls in the sport.

The 21-year-old started life in a farming family near Brooks and was far from standard. He visited training pens set up by various contractors around the city’s Silver Sage Arena and fell in love with bull riding. At the age of 15 he bought his first set of buckers.

“I just fell in love with it and thought it would be fun to buy my own bulls,” Tateson said.

Not long after getting involved in the beef side of the sport, Tateson, along with local stock contractors Kinky Bucking Bulls and Wilson Rodeo Company, became involved in a modest BRC (Bull Riders Canada) event in that same arena.

“It was just a handful of ranchers wanting to beat bulls, but it grew into a BRC event right there in town,” Tateson said. “The first one went very well. All of this led to me joining Kink (Kyle Larson) and becoming his wingman.

Last season, the event turned into a PBR with a very special meaning: commemorating Larson’s young son who died in a car crash in 2022.

“After the accident, Slim Wilson said we should make it a PBR event. We were careful from the start because that is a big step. We went with the PBR last year. Kinky woke up that night because people were calling about how well things were going. It really took off. It went from trying to beat a few bulls and go to a show, and now it’s a PBR,” Tateson said.

“It was actually great. It’s something you don’t always see in the community. You don’t want a family to have to go through something they went through, but for a celebration like this it was incredible to see the entire community involved. It’s great to see how many people came together for this.”

A new venue, the Centennial Regional Arena, will play host to the Koye Larson Memorial PBR this year, a testament to its success and an even better fan experience.

“The Silver Sage was a nice little building, but it doesn’t fit as many people as we would like, and we want to make it so everyone has a good view of the action,” Tateson said.

“We think this is the best improvement we can make in Brooks. Make it a Cup Series event feel, we all enjoy being at those big events. We will have the same feeling with a great production, but it is a Touring Pro event.

In just four years, Tateson has been able to compete in the Calgary Stampede, the Canadian Finals Rodeo and the PBR Canada National Finals at Rogers Place in Edmonton, Alberta, with bucking bulls, bringing with him his distinctive bucker Way too dirty for all three last season.

“Calgary was very special to me. As a kid we always just went and bought tickets and watched. It was always so cool to see all the people who go to the Stampede. But to have a pass around your neck and bring bulls is special,” said Tateson, recalling the biggest moments of his career so far.

“People I know who aren’t really involved in the sport contacted us and said, ‘Wow, you blew it away J.B. Mauney?!”

“My two bulls were the last; if I remember correctly it was Saturday. I’ve seen myself on TV and you can see my hand shaking. I just hoped my bulls wouldn’t run away in that big arena. And when they finished and did it right, I could have fainted,” Tateson continued.

Looking ahead to his career, Tateson said he wants to continue growing with the sport.

“I just want to keep growing. I want to carry the best bulls I can. I want to see the sport grow. “I love it when people come and sit on my bulls and want to get better,” he said. “I don’t want to change anything immediately, I just want to grow with the sport.”

As for what to expect from the Tateson Pen at Koye Larson Memorial this weekend?

He says he has to watch his red muley.

“I’m really high on this red muley. Monday Merl I’ll call him. He was pretty good last year as a 4-year-old, and this will be his 5-year-old year. That is a highlight of mine.”

As for the Kinky Buckers pen, Tateson says the bull is a 2022 PBR Canada champion Nick Tetz who won this year’s Lethbridge event is easily the top pick in the championship round.

“Every time I go there, Big funk looks better and better,” Tateson said.

“The last few times we’ve seen him he’s been ridden and the bull has made that clear. Kinky is pretty high on that bull. He is also really flashy.”

This weekend’s Koye Larson Memorial PBR will pit the best bulls against the best bull riders the country has to offer, followed by a performance by one of Canada’s biggest names in country music, Corb Lund.

“New venue, even better production this year. We have a world-class show planned this weekend,” said Tateson.

“Come see some of the best bulls take on some of the best bull riders in Canada this weekend in Brooks and stick around for one of Canada’s biggest country music stars, Corb Lund.”