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Bridge for cyclists and pedestrians opens at Gilman Interchange

Bridge for cyclists and pedestrians opens at Gilman Interchange

Watch a video simulation of how the new bridge will work for cyclists and pedestrians.

A new highway bridge for pedestrians and cyclists will open this weekend at the I-80 Gilman Interchange in Berkeley.

The crossing is scheduled to open at 6 a.m. Saturday, with “paved accesses on the east side (Eastshore Highway) and on the west side at the Tom Bates Regional Sports Complex” on Gilman Street.

The opening is permanent, although the stairs on both sides of the bridge won’t be accessible until later, Caltrans said in an announcement this week.

There is currently no pedestrian access under I-80.

Caltrans said there would be signage “and sidewalk demarcation” to ensure cyclists, pedestrians and motorists understand the flow of traffic.

Other changes coming Saturday include a “temporary roundabout” on Gilman Street west of Second Street.

This will remain in place during construction and will later be converted into a permanent roundabout.

“Anyone using the roundabout should use caution as it is in an active construction zone,” Caltrans said. “All traffic approaching the roundabout must give way to traffic already in the roundabout.”

Also of note: Traffic on Second Street between Gilman and Harrison streets will become one-way northbound on Monday, Caltrans said.

“Caltrans thanks pedestrians, bicyclists and motorists for your patience as we work to improve the Gilman intersection,” Caltrans said in its statement this week. “Every effort will be made to minimize disruption to the traveling public.”

The final plan for the area is a double roundabout on Gilman Street on either side of the I-80 freeway.

It is planned to happen sometime this year.

Learn more about the project on the Caltrans website and from the Alameda County Transportation Commission.

Watch a video simulation of how the double roundabouts will work below.