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Pradeep Gharat removed from alleged land takeover case involving BJP leader

Pradeep Gharat removed from alleged land takeover case involving BJP leader

Lawyer Pradeep Gharat, who was appointed as special public prosecutor in a public interest litigation filed against BJP’s ex-MLA Narendra Mehta in an alleged land usurping case, has been asked to refrain from appearing in the case before the Supreme Court of Bombay. The Assistant Public Prosecutor (APP) appearing in the case informed Gharat about the development.

However, Gharat has requested the investigating officer involved in the case to convey the termination of the appointment in writing and not to proceed informally. This is not the first time Gharat has reportedly been removed from a sensitive case.

Gharat told the FPJ: “Almost two hearing dates ago, when I had approached the HC, the APP in court informed me that he had received a message from the chief public prosecutor that I was not allowed to appear in the case and that the APP will appear from now on. However, I don’t understand why I haven’t been formally notified of my termination. There has been no formal decision at this time, but I have been asked not to appear.”

Petitioner Jay Shukla, a businessman from Mira-Bhayandar, confirmed the update. Sharma said, “Gharat is a man of principles. He always fights every case on its merits and never falls prey to any form of pressure. I assume this is the reason for asking him to withdraw from the case.”

The HC on Wednesday heard Shukla’s petition seeking transfer of the case from Kashimira police station to another police station so that investigations could proceed. Shukla was initially associated with Raj Builders and Developers as exclusive agent to sell a property at Ghodbunder Road and Mira-Bhayandar. Despite getting Rs 2.49 crore, the builder failed to develop the property as agreed.

In 2019, the duo agreed to transfer ownership of the property in Shukla’s name, but the developer later refused to execute the sale deed.

In his petition, Shukla stated that he was allegedly threatened by Mehta in January 2021 to accept the deal for whatever money was offered to him. Mehta had reportedly planned to acquire the land through Seven Eleven Constructions Pvt Ltd, a company believed to be his property. Thus, an FIR was filed against Mehta and Seven Eleven Constructions.

Shukla suspects that the local police and the suspects are going hand in hand and has therefore requested that the case be transferred from Kashimira police station to another police station.

Published: Thursday, May 9, 2024 06:38 IST