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Knicks’ OG Anunoby enters locker room in Game 2 vs Pacers amid injuries

Knicks’ OG Anunoby enters locker room in Game 2 vs Pacers amid injuries

The New York Knicks battled the Indiana Pacers on Wednesday night in the ‘Mecca of Basketball’ in New York, hoping to take a 2-0 lead over their Eastern Conference rivals. Former Pacer OG Anunoby came out firing and nearly scored 30 points before an injury scare led to his exit from the locker room.

The injury situation occurred amid an injury to Jalen Brunson that hampered the Knicks’ chances for a win in Game Two. Knicks megafan Spike Lee had a surprise gift for Reggie Miller that had fans from the Garden to the West Coast cackling with joy.

As Wednesday night’s action unfolded, Anunoby’s injury status became a major concern. The Knicks got the return of their budding superstar Brunson, while fans wondered what exactly happened to the athletic small forward who came via trade from Toronto earlier this season.

Knicks’ Anunoby the focus of injury concerns

Reporter Ian Begley shared a report on the situation as Anunoby walked to the locker room with his left hamstring.

Fans reacted with frustration even as the Knicks held onto a fourth-quarter lead against Coach Rick Carlisle and the Pacers.

“Bro, you gotta be kidding me,” said another fan, presumably of the Knicks, in the comments section.

The Knicks continued to outscore the Pacers in the early parts of the fourth quarter as Brunson returned and the team began to develop around his athletic, guard-dominated lineup against a high-flying Pacers squad.

Fans continued to lament the Anunoby injury as they watched the Knicks’ attempt to hold onto the lead in New York.

Anunoby was third in scoring on Wednesday according to the final postseason stat file entering the game.

Another fan seemed to blame Coach Tom Thibodeau for overplaying Anunoby during the season, which may have led to the injury in their head.

Knicks take on Pacers in Game Two

The Knicks held a slim lead in Game Two as they battled the Carlisle team in a high-scoring match, with both teams crossing the 100-point threshold.

TJ McConnell and Jalen Brunson made it a battle of the little guys, by NBA standards, as the game kicked into high gear along the way.