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Watch: Nat Young’s live reaction to the 4.03 debacle

Watch: Nat Young’s live reaction to the 4.03 debacle

If you looked at your phone last week, you probably remember Nat Young’s 4.03.

The Challenger Series’ blatant underscore, reposted on Instagram by the springy goof, caused a digital riot from commentators with credentials ranging from world champion to WSL commentator.

“Time to put a camera and microphone in the jury box,” said Julian Wilson. “This is nonsense.”

In a rare move, the WSL issued a formal redaction of the score.

“The main judge and Nat met for a heat assessment and watched all the waves from Nat, Mikey and Charly. It was recognized and acknowledged that Nat’s 4.03 was in fact underlined and that the wave should have been in the 5 or 6 point range. Even though it wasn’t the 7.21 that Nat needed to get into an advancing position, we still wanted to acknowledge the mistake.”

You can read our full analysis of the situation here, and above you can watch a behind-the-scenes look at the real-time reaction + afterthoughts from Santa Cruz’s blondest hurl.

Featuring Nat, Nolan Rapoza, Alyssa Spencer and Levi Slawson, the cleverly conceived ‘Wet Shoulder League’ features Matt Myers’ team of mentees in their attempts to qualify for the CT.

Matt, you’ll recall, is the measured tactician behind Cole Houshmand’s indelible CS run, and has become a trusted voice of reason on our site.

If, like Big Dick Power Surfer, you feel that the CS could eclipse the CT in entertainment value, the above is a valuable look at the preparation and b-sides involved in attempting to qualify for the C.T.