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WWE Monday Night RAW switches airing on major TV networks after  million deal, avoiding potential Netflix shift

WWE Monday Night RAW switches airing on major TV networks after $25 million deal, avoiding potential Netflix shift

WWE signs $25 million deal with NBCUniversal to renew Monday Night Raw broadcast rights

In a surprising turn of events, WWE owners TKO Group Holdings have signed a lucrative short-term rights deal for the iconic Monday Night Raw. With NBCUniversal’s existing five-year broadcast rights deal set to expire in September, fans were left wondering about the future of their favorite wrestling show.

Securing the future: TKO’s $25 million deal with NBCUniversal

The uncertainty surrounding Raw’s broadcast rights was put to rest when TKO announced a landmark deal worth $25 million to continue airing the show on NBCU through the end of the year. This move ensures that Raw will continue to entertain fans on the USA Network through December.

Raw’s transition to Netflix in January 2025

Following the end of the NBCUniversal deal, Raw will make a major move to Netflix in January 2025, in a deal estimated to be valued at $5 billion. This change will bring Raw to a wider audience in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and Latin America, among others.

Industry leaders are applauding the transformative deal

TKO President and COO Mark Shapiro called the deal “transformative” and highlighted the monumental impact it will have on WWE’s global reach and fame. WWE President Nick Khan praised Netflix for its storytelling talent and expressed confidence in its ability to cater to Raw’s dedicated fan base.

Ongoing partnerships and future collaborations

Even with Raw’s departure from NBCU, the relationship between WWE and the network remains intact, with the announcement that Friday Night SmackDown will move to the USA Network in October 2024 under a new five-year deal worth $1.4 billion.

Expand offerings with special events and streamlined availability

NBC will also air multiple WWE specials annually, furthering its long-standing partnership with the wrestling entertainment giant. Additionally, NBCU’s streaming service, Peacock, will continue to host the WWE Network through March 2026, cementing its status as a hub for premium WWE content.

As the wrestling landscape continues to evolve with dynamic partnerships and innovative deals, fans can look forward to an exciting future filled with their favorite WWE shows across platforms.