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The leadership of the Vikings in 2024 will be a “division of labor.”

The leadership of the Vikings in 2024 will be a “division of labor.”

The Minnesota Vikings not only lost three very good football players: quarterback Kirk Cousins, inside linebacker Jordan Hicks and edge rusher Danielle Hunter. They also lost three captains and leaders of the football team.

Losing captains creates holes in your roster that need to be filled, and sometimes they are filled in unique ways. It could be a new player coming into the fold as a quarterback, or a true team mentality.

This year, the Vikings’ leadership will be a shared responsibility, something defensive lineman Harrison Phillips called a “division of labor.”

“It’s probably not likely to ask one person to fill that void (Cousins ​​left). So what we’re going to do is have a great leadership team, we’ve already seen that. There are already guys that I saw last time There are a few seasons on this roster – some are captains, some are not captains yet but will be in their careers – and so we’re going to pass that torch and sort of divide the labor that we’re all going to carry that load together, and maybe we can become a better football team for it.

“Kirk is obviously great. I’ve learned a lot from him and from the leadership side, and that’s an area I’m trying to improve and improve my game by working on those skills.”

It’s an interesting choice to prioritize sharing leadership tasks. That doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a bad thing, as every locker room environment is a different beast. There are many ways to lead and they can all be successful in their own way.

Will this work for the Vikings? So much remains to be seen, but the approach will be interesting to see in the coming year.