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Who is Rod Gardner?  Meet the NFL star competing in the Amazing Race

Who is Rod Gardner? Meet the NFL star competing in the Amazing Race

Former Green Bay Packers wide receiver, Rod Gardner, and his wife, Leticia Gardner, compete on “The Amazing Race” for a chance to win $1 million. They believe they are one of the best teams and are determined to win the trophy. In the recent episode, they finished in second place in the Dominican Republic, moving them closer to the final prize. The show has brought teams to the Dominican Republic for the first time in its history.

Gardners as a team

The Gardners have shown their strength as a team, especially after narrowly avoiding elimination in the previous stage in Barbados. They are now one of the last four teams left and have a lot of momentum on their side. The other teams competing this season include Ricky and Cesar, Juan and Shane, and Amber and Vinny.

In the series finale, Angie and Danny Butler were eliminated after becoming separated from their crew while driving to a challenge. Many fans were disappointed with their elimination and felt robbed. The next episode, titled “My Precious Cacao,” airs May 8 at 8:30 PM Central Time on CBS.

Rod Gardner

Rod Gardner, who retired from the NFL in 2006, uses his football lessons and skills to compete on “The Amazing Race.” His wife Leticia admits that the show tested their communication skills and their ability to handle pressure. Rod compares their experiences on the show to those on the football field, where they have to focus on the next game and not dwell on past mistakes. Leticia has learned to push herself harder and not give up.

Rod Gardner had a successful career as a wide receiver in the NFL, playing for teams such as Washington Redskins, Carolina Panthers, Green Bay Packers and Kansas City Chiefs. Known for his speed and athleticism, he made impressive catches and outwitted defenders. His net worth is estimated at around $10 million.

Leticia Gardner

Leticia Gardner owns Total Body 21, a fitness center. She is also a certified fitness instructor and is committed to helping others achieve better health and wellness. She stands out in the fitness industry for her creativity and innovation, especially with the Total Body 21 Challenge, which focuses on physical endurance and nutrition.

The Gardner family

Rod and Leticia have a daughter and are proud parents. They often share photos of their family on social media. They currently reside in Lawrenceville, Georgia.


Rod and Leticia Gardner are determined to win “The Amazing Race” and believe their skills and teamwork will lead them to the $1 million prize. They showed their resilience and ability to overcome challenges during the competition. As they continue their journey, fans eagerly cheer them on.