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Former Maryland Lacrosse star Callum Robinson found dead in Mexico – The Republic Monitor

Former Maryland Lacrosse star Callum Robinson found dead in Mexico – The Republic Monitor

Relatives have spotted three bodies found in a well, along with those of two Australian surfers and an American who disappeared late last week, Mexican experts said Sunday. One of the men found dead was a former Maryland lacrosse player. Baja California State investigators said the family members saw the carcasses recovered from a remote well about 50 feet high and remembered them as their loved ones.

A scam clearly killed the three, who were on a road trip to Mexico’s Baja region to take their truck because they needed the tires. They then probably disposed of the bodies by dumping them in a well near the coast.
The interior and exterior were located exactly four miles from the spot where the pariahs were killed, and also contained a fourth carcass that had been there fundamentally longer.
Three suspects are being held in connection with the circumstance, which, according to bystanders, was certainly handled more quickly than the disappearance of thousands of Mexicans.

Supervisor State Trooper María Elena Andrade Ramírez portrayed what would likely have been images of fear completing the journey for relatives Jake and Callum Robinson of Australia and American Jack Carter Rhoad.
She suspected the killers were driving by and saw the outcasts’ pickup truck and tents and expected to take their tires. Anyway, “when (the pariahs) came forward and got them, of course they were confronted.”
She said this is where the killers allegedly shot the travelers.
The lawbreakers then reportedly went to what she called “a place that’s really hard to get to” and likely emptied the bodies into a well they were clearly very familiar with. She said experts did not rule out the possibility that comparator suspects had similarly emptied the first, earlier body into the well as part of a previous breach.

The punks apparently covered the pit with sheets. “It was a huge challenge from a real perspective to find it,” Andrade Ramírez said, and it was expected to take two hours for the bodies to be removed from the pit.
Australian financier Jim Chalmers showed empathy towards the Robinson family. The site where the bodies were found near the district of Santo Tomás was close to the distant coastal area where the missing men’s tents and truck were found along the coast on Thursday. From their last photo posts, the trip looked perfect. Regardless, even experienced areas are wondering whether setting up camp along the largely deserted coast is still safe.
The authority of the nearby web meeting Talk Baja, who has lived in the area for almost two decades, wrote in an article on Saturday that “the dangers of moving and camping in faraway places no longer outweigh the benefits. ”