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Debate Rages Over Boston Celtics’ Dominant Playoff Run

Debate Rages Over Boston Celtics’ Dominant Playoff Run

The Boston Celtics are making waves in the NBA playoffs, with all five of their wins so far coming by double digits. With injuries plaguing other teams in the bracket, the Celtics appear poised to represent the Eastern Conference in the NBA Finals. However, not everyone is thrilled entirely about the prospect.

Tony Massarotti of 98.5 The Sports Hub in Boston voiced concerns about the potential for a “hollow” championship for the Celtics. Despite their impressive performances, Massarotti questions whether a title won without facing significant challenges would truly hold the same value. He emphasizes the importance of teams having to fight through adversity and contends that without such challenges, the championship may feel less earned.

Massarotti’s sentiments were met with some pushback, with cohost Mike Felger arguing that winning an easy championship shouldn’t be seen as a negative. Nevertheless, Massarotti’s reservations reflect a broader debate among fans about the true measure of success in sports.

While many Boston sports fans are undoubtedly relishing the Celtics’ current success, Massarotti’s critique serves as a reminder of the complexities and nuances inherent in sports fandom.

Where do the Boston Celtics” Stats Point Toward

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One of the perennial concerns for Celtics fans has been the team’s tendency to falter in crunch time, letting late-game leads slip away. However, this season tells a different story. In a stark turnaround from previous years, the Celtics are dominating the fourth quarter like never before. While past seasons saw them struggle with late-game execution, this year they sit comfortably at the top of the league in fourth-quarter net rating, boasting a remarkable 5.7.

But it”s not just blowout victories inflating these stats; the Celtics are proving their mettle in clutch situations too. When the game hangs in the balance, with a point differential of 5 or less in the final 5 minutes (the so-called “ clutch time”), the Celtics are excelling. They rank impressively in crucial metrics like net rating, win percentage, points per game, plus/minus, free throw attempts and percentage, and three-point shooting.

Despite concerns about potential regression to “Mazzulla Ball,” a term coined for inefficient isolation plays that can derail games, the Celtics are maintaining a balanced approach. Their three-point attempts per game in clutch situations are modest, ranking just 11th in the league While the Celtics aren’t flawless, the numbers speak volumes about their improvement in late-game situations.