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Tracking leaks, rumors, games, release

Tracking leaks, rumors, games, release


There are a lot of questions about the 2024 NFL schedule. The first one being: When will it be released?

Here’s a look at what we know about the NFL schedule for 2024, including leaks, reports, rumors, speculation, educated guesses and more about the games and the release of the 2024 schedule.

Keep coming back for updates to the schedule for the 2024 NFL season.

The complete 2023 NFL schedule was released on May 11 last year, with select game information released earlier (Black Friday and Christmas Day games), meaning we could start getting more leaks and updates to the 2024 NFL schedule at any time.

The complete NFL schedule for 2024 will reportedly be released on Wednesday, May 15 at 8 p.m. ET (5 p.m. PT).

We are bound to get some leaks and updates before then, but that is when the entire schedule for every team is set to be announced.

NFL Network will have a schedule announcement show at 5 p.m. Pacific that day and NFL teams will being releasing their complete 2024 NFL schedule around that time.

ESPN will also have coverage of the release, which has become a spectacle for NFL fans over the years, as they eagerly anticipate the slate of games for their team.

Fans will just have to eagerly anticipate the 2024 NFL schedule release for another week.

We don’t know when NFL teams play each other in the 2024 NFL season, but we do know who they will play.

The NFL released the list of every team’s opponents for the upcoming season in January, revealing the home and away foes.

For example, the Kansas City Chiefs will host the Denver Broncos, Las Vegas Raiders, Los Angeles Chargers, Baltimore Ravens, Cincinnati Bengals, New Orleans Saints, Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Houston Texans in 2024.

They will play at the Denver Broncos, Las Vegas Raiders, Los Angeles Chargers, Atlanta Falcons, Carolina Panthers, Cleveland Browns, Pittsburgh Steelers, Buffalo Bills and San Francisco 49ers.

Click here for every NFL team’s opponents on the road and at home in the 2024 NFL season.

We’ve already looked at some of the most-anticipated games on the 2024 NFL schedule, but what about some under-the-radar matchups to watch?

Athlon Sports listed five games it thought fell into this category in the upcoming season.

The five games? Miami Dolphins at Los Angeles Rams, Tennessee Titans at Indianapolis Colts, Pittsburgh Steelers at Atlanta Falcons, Washington Commanders at Cincinnati Bengals and Seattle Seahawks at New England Patriots.

We now just have to have the NFL 2024 schedule released to find out when we can watch them.

NFL win totals odds 2024: Over/under wins for every NFL team in regular season

We may not know the NFL schedule for teams in the 2024 season, but we do know the opponents each team will face.

And that’s evidently enough to determine over/under win total odds for each NFL team in the upcoming season, according to one sportsbook.

FanDuel Sportsbook lists the San Francisco 49ers and Kansas City Chiefs with the highest over/under win totals for the upcoming season, at 11.5 wins. The New England Patriots, Carolina Panthers and Denver Broncos are each at 5.5 wins, the lowest in the league.

You can see each NFL team’s regular season win total odds for the 2024 NFL season here.

We don’t know when NFL “grudge” games will be played in 2024, but there will be some very interesting ones on the 2024 NFL schedule.

USA TODAY Sports broke down 15 games that could attract a lot of attention in the upcoming season because of players or coaches facing former teams.

The Los Angeles Chargers vs. Baltimore Ravens’ Harbaugh Bowl will definitely attract a lot of eyeballs, as will the Kansas City Chiefs vs. San Francisco 49ers rematch.

One potentially underrated one that caught our attention on the list? The Washington Commanders at the Arizona Cardinals, which will mark former Cardinals coach Kliff Kingsbury’s return to Arizona (and one-time Arizona State QB Jayden Daniels’ return to the state).

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SB Nation broke down seven games to circle on the 2024 NFL schedule, starting with the Kansas City Chiefs vs. Buffalo Bills.

But that isn’t the only game to see mark on the calendar, when the schedule is released.

The site also singles out the Baltimore Ravens vs. Los Angeles Chargers game, Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Denver Broncos game, Carolina Panthers vs. Chicago Bears game, Atlanta Falcons vs. Minnesota Vikings game and Chiefs vs. San Francisco 49ers game.

It’s last suggested game to circle isn’t exactly a game, it’s the “New York Jets vs … whoever.”

While we await the release of the 2024 NFL schedule (or leaks of it), some sites have started making predictions for the big dates on the 2024 NFL calendar.

Pro Football Network predicts that the Chicago Bears and Detroit Lions, Cincinnati Bengals and Dallas Cowboys and Miami Dolphins and New York Jets will be the Thanksgiving Day matchups. It has the Cleveland Browns and Baltimore Ravens and Atlanta Falcons and Minnesota Vikings as its two Christmas Day game predictions.

NFL power rankings: Arizona Cardinals on the rise after 2024 NFL Draft

Ben Fischer of the Sports Business Journal posted on X: “NEWS: The full NFL schedule is currently slated to be released at 8pm ET on May 15, per memo to teams this afternoon from exec Hans Schroeder. Teams had been expecting this week, Thursday. Reason for delay not mentioned in memo.”

Interestingly, SB Nation recently published a story about three NFL teams who deserve more primetime games on the 2024 NFL schedule and the Arizona Cardinals were included among the three.

Joseph Acosta wrote: “Fighting for some shine in a loaded NFC West, the Cardinals spent the first quarter of 2023 looking like one of the worst teams of the NFL. However, after QB Kyler Murray returned, the Cardinals began to look like one of the more intriguing teams for the future. Again, it’s the offense that takes most of the shine here. Murray, TE Trey McBride, and rookie WR Marvin Harrison Jr. give fans something to look for when the Cardinals play. Murray plays really exciting football, and if Harrison Jr. can be the outside receiver we all think he can be, then the Cardinals should be extremely exciting. Defensively, the team is still slowly coming along, but safety Budda Baker is still a very fun player to watch. With Murray running around throwing passes to Harrison Jr., this will be one of the most fun teams to watch this year.”

The Green Bay Packers and Indianapolis Colts were the other two teams that deserved more primetime games, according to the story.

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Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio and Chris Simms took a look at what could be impacting the release of the 2024 NFL schedule in a video.

We don’t know when teams will play their opponents in the 2024 NFL season, but we do know who they will play.

Which teams will have the most difficult schedules in 2024, based on last season’s records?

According to NFL Research, the Cleveland Browns will have the toughest 2024 NFL schedule. The Browns’ opponents in the upcoming season had a .547 win percentage last season.

The Baltimore Ravens are next, with a .536 opponent win percentage from last season, while the Pittsburgh Steelers’ 2024 opponents had a .533 win percentage last season.

The Houston Texans and Green Bay Packers round out the Top 5 most-difficult NFL schedules in 2024, with opponents of both of those teams having a .526 win percentage last season.

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The 2024 NFL schedule for some teams will be easier than others, based on win percentages from last season.

The Atlanta Falcons and New Orleans Saints’ opponents both had a .453 win percentage last season, while opponents of the Carolina Panthers and Chicago Bears were .467.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Los Angeles Chargers’ opponents in 2024 had a .478 win percentage in 2023.

Could the NFL move to an 18-game regular schedule soon?

The league will still have a 17-game regular season in 2024, but Cincinnati Bengals QB Joe Burrow addressed the potential of adding another regular season game in the future with reporters recently, bringing up the idea that players would need a second bye week with an additional regular season game.

“That’s definitely something that we’ve thought about it; 18 games is definitely a big ask,” Burrow told reporters. That’s not easy adding that extra game. Obviously, it would be great for revenue, but I feel like adding that bye week if you’re going to have the 18-game schedule is pretty critical for our bodies. If you keep that first bye week, and some teams have the bye in Week 5, Week 6, and then you’re going 12, 13 games in a row that’s not easy. Probably a Thursday night game thrown in in there, too, so that’s never easy. Those two byes are pretty critical.”

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The NFL schedule could be released at any time. History says that it could come this week, based on previous schedules released, but Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio recently reported that it will probably come next week.

He wrote: “Will it be this week? As best we can tell, no, it won’t be. How about next week? That’s currently looking more likely. Especially since next week is a big week for the TV industry, with the “upfront” presentations in New York. Given that the league now authorizes each of the networks to announce a game or two in the days preceding the full release, it makes sense for the networks to generate maximum buzz by sharing a taste of the schedule on the day they unveil their full fall lineups. If not next week, the next week is the week preceding Memorial Day weekend. That’s not the week for getting the most possible attention for the coming schedule.”

The Kansas City Chiefs are set to host the first game of the 2024 NFL season, the NFL kickoff game, on Thursday, Sept. 5.

We just don’t know who the two-time defending Super Bowl champions will play in that game.

USA TODAY Sports’ Michael Middlehurst-Schwartz ranked eight candidates to face the Chiefs in that game, from worst to best.

He ranked the Baltimore Ravens as the best possible matchup in the game, which will be played at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City.

NFL schedule’s best grudge games: Who has something to settle in 2024?

The Philadelphia Eagles will host the Green Bay Packers in Week 1 on Friday, Sept. 6, 2024, at Corinthians Arena, home to Brazilian soccer team SC Corinthians.

The Eagles-Packers game will be the first NFL regular season game in Brazil.

Peacock (NBCUniversal) will exclusively stream the Week 1 game in São Paulo, Brazil. The game will also be available on free, over-the-air broadcast television in the local markets of the competing teams as well as on mobile devices with NFL+.

The Eagles are the host team for the game in Brazil in NFL Week 1, but that isn’t the NFL’s only international game this season.

Four other regular season games will be played as part of the 2024 NFL International Games and while we don’t know the dates or complete matchups for those games, we do know the home teams for the European slate of international contests.

The Chicago Bears, Jacksonville Jaguars and Minnesota Vikings will all host games in London, while the Carolina Panthers will host a game in Munich, Germany.

NFL schedule release 2024: When is it? What to know ahead of full release this month

Ready for some Wednesday NFL football?

Dec. 25, 2024, is on a Wednesday and the NFL is reportedly set to have two games that day, according to CBS Sports.

The ratings are just too good for the league to not have games that day, evidently. CBS Sports reported that the games will be put up for bid between the league’s broadcast partners.

NFL owners approved a rule in March allowing teams to play two games on short rest during the season, meaning a team could potentially play on Sunday and then Thursday Night Football, twice, in an attempt to have better games that night.

So, that could mean we see the better teams in primetime more often this season, and it could mean less rest for some of those teams. The NFL previously only allowed teams to play on a short week once per season.

Who will face Chiefs in season opener? Ranking eight candidates from worst to best wrote: “It’s not exactly a highly-guarded secret among league insiders, but when the NFL schedule is released sometime in May, the Jaguars are expected to return for another London doubleheader in 2024, according to a league source.”

According to the report, the team would host one game and be the visiting team against the Bears in the other.

No one seems to be quite sure when the 2024 NFL schedule is coming out, but Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay might have left a clue when he posted a message on social media Tuesday.

“I smell a 2024 SCHEDULE coming out soon,” he posted on X.

Does “soon” mean this week? Does it mean next? It looks like we’ll just have to wait to find out.

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