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The man admits that he killed three young men to steal their tires

The man admits that he killed three young men to steal their tires

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A man accused of the disappearance of Australian brothers and their American friend has admitted he was the one who killed them during a robbery. After the theft, he went to visit his girlfriend and confessed that he had just killed three young people, asking her to go outside to show her the replaced tires on her car. He replaced her tires with the ones he had just stolen.

Australian brothers Jake and Callum Robinson, aged 30 and 33, and their American friend Jack Carter Rhoad, aged 30, disappeared on April 27 during a surfing holiday in Ensenada.

The investigation shows that he specifically wanted to steal those tapes, and that the brothers were ultimately killed while defending themselves during this theft. There appear to be more people involved in the robbery.

Mexican authorities said the bodies of three tourists found in a well in northwestern Mexico all had wounds caused by bullets to their heads. The bodies were found six days after their disappearance.

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