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Nintendo is pulling back on Switch’s social media features

Nintendo is pulling back on Switch’s social media features

Nintendo will stop integrating X (formerly Twitter) and social media for friend suggestions.

Nintendo is making significant changes to the way its Switch console interacts with social media platforms. Starting June 10, 2024, users will lose the ability to share screenshots and videos directly from their Switch to X (formerly known as Twitter). Check out the detailed information below:

Nintendo is ending the Friend Suggestions feature

This change will also impact features in popular titles like Splatoon 2 and Splatoon 3, where messages designed for social sharing will now remain within the games themselves. The company is also discontinuing the Friend Suggestions feature that allowed Switch users to connect with friends on external social networks.

Nintendo has not given a specific reason for the changes. However, this move is part of a broader trend of gaming companies scaling back direct social media integration.

Some features will remain for the time being. Users can still share Switch content on Facebook, but Nintendo warns that this service may also be discontinued later. Although Super Smash Bros. Ultimate screenshots can no longer be posted to Smash World, they can be saved locally on Switch.

Gamers will still have ways to share their Switch experiences. Screenshots and videos can be transferred to a smart device or PC so they can be posted to favorite social platforms.

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While these changes may disappoint some users, Nintendo’s focus appears to be shifting from direct ties to third-party social networks, possibly in favor of streamlining its own online services.

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