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SailGP offers LiveLineFX graphics to other sports and rights holders |  News

SailGP offers LiveLineFX graphics to other sports and rights holders | News

SailGP LiveLineFX graphics (2)

SailGP is developing its own broadcast graphics package, LiveLineFX, for use in other sports.

It is currently produced remotely from SailGP’s broadcast studio in Ealing, London, for SailGP’s broadcast partners in 212 international territories. One of its main applications is projecting a 3D race track onto the open ocean, CTO Warren Jones said Broadcast sports, “demystifies the sport, and gives people who don’t understand sailing an opportunity to do so, because it’s not a stadium sport.” It also brings branding opportunities for a sport that takes place over a large, often unchanging area.

As such, the company has mentioned cycling, horse racing, surfing and all other mass participation sports where it can be difficult for viewers as potential LiveLineFX users to get a full picture and understanding of what is happening in front of them. LiveLineFX director Tom Peel explained: “You can’t brand the Tour de France that easily. We can do that without any footprint on the ground.” Speak with Broadcast sportsthe SailGP team also mentioned skiing, running and diving as other possible use cases.

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For SailGP, LiveLineFX processes 1.15 billion data requests per hour from each of the ten state-of-the-art F50 catamarans participating in the competition – each of which has 125 sensors. These data points range from the speed and direction of the boats, weather conditions and ocean currents, and are then presented to viewers at home as a graphic overlay on top of the racecourse.

Live video images of the race track from a helicopter are used for this. It uses high-precision GPS and the Oracle Cloud, allowing the boats to be tracked within 2cm and adding features such as geo-positioned race marks, boundary lines and boat markers. positions and relative performance metrics for the graphics overlay.

If another sport or rights holder takes on LiveLineFX, the SailGP Technologies team will help implement this initially, with a possible term of two years, but is open to other teams ultimately taking over day-to-day management.

SailGP LiveLineFX graphics (1)

Commenting on the launch of the new product, Jones said: “From the start, SailGP has prioritized proprietary, industry-leading immersive media technologies and LiveLineFX is an award-winning example of this. It is truly unique and has not only been built for SailGP use, it has been developed with other sports companies and broadcasters in mind, where the viewing experience can be difficult due to the nature of the sport. We now welcome discussions with a range of potential partners and are excited to see how other sports can benefit from LiveLineFX.”

Chief content officer Melissa Lawton added: “We have seen tremendous audience growth, thanks in large part to LiveLineFX and the understanding it brings to a very complex sport. Our success and the fact that LiveLineFX is perfect for a variety of non-stadium sports, such as cycling, horse racing, surfing and other mass participation sports, has led to active conversations with other sports properties about how they can also use the technology to enhance their expand your fan base.

“LiveLineFX’s capabilities enable SailGP partners to generate significant value through branding placements around the course without the need for typical, physical commercial infrastructure. Where other sports rely on fencing, temporary structures and mass on-site logistics, LiveLineFX can deliver impactful placements on the boundaries and key areas of the course, completely remote.”