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Reason behind unusual start date for WWE Raw on Netflix

Reason behind unusual start date for WWE Raw on Netflix

WWE and Netflix will begin their partnership in January 2025, which many thought was strange when it was first announced.

When WWE announced they would be airing Raw on the streaming platform early this year, the timing seemed a bit confusing as their current deal in the United States with the USA Network expires in October. Since the USA Network seemingly did not want to renew their deal early this year and it was highly unlikely that another network would take over the show for just three months, there seemed to be a scenario in which Raw would not air on any network. in the last quarter and the company may have to look for other platforms.

However, during the recent quarterly earnings report, WWE was able to make a deal to find a home for Raw in the final months of the year before starting a new era of the show on Netflix. Despite this, some are still curious as to why the deal with the streaming giant didn’t go into effect the week after the current deal expires.

Dave Meltzer discussed the nature of the deal on Wrestling Observer Radio, stating that the reason for the delay was due to other international deals not expiring until the end of the year as the partnership between the two companies extends beyond the United States, meaning Netflix wanted to launch in multiple markets on the same date:

“They didn’t want it until January. Netflix is ​​a global company and all the deals they secured expired at the end of December. They had deals in Canada and England and everywhere, and they’re all expiring at the end of December.

“They wanted a 10-year deal (from) January to January, they had the ball in their court. They didn’t want an October to October deal. They wanted a deal from January to December. Obviously they didn’t want to pick it up early because if they wanted to pick it up early they could have gotten it, but the whole point is that it’s only for the United States. I mean, it’s already a situation where they wanted everything.

Because WWE made the United States deals for Smackdown and for NXT before the Netflix deal, they can’t get either of these deals for five years. So all over the world they get all the shows, and they get the pay-per-views, and they basically get the network, whatever they want to pick up on the network, who knows how much they want, but they have the rights to everything, and no one else has, everything they don’t pick up will disappear into the abyss.

New deal to potentially influence major WWE shows

When WWE Raw airs on the streaming platform in 2025, it will be the latest in a series of many first-ever events to take place within the company. Another historic move could also happen in the future regarding WWE’s relationship with Saudi Arabia.

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