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WhiteWater will deliver never-before-seen attractions to the city of Aquarabia Qiddiya

WhiteWater will deliver never-before-seen attractions to the city of Aquarabia Qiddiya

WhiteWater will offer 22 exciting theme park rides and attractions

WhiteWater is pleased to announce their partnership with Aquarabia Qiddiya City, a pioneering water theme park in Saudi Arabia, to bring a unique water experience to life. WhiteWater will design and deliver 22 exciting rides and attractions, including some record-breaking and signature experiences.

Water slide enthusiasts will enjoy the thrilling rides, while families can experience some of their favorite slides and children’s activities in a surprising way. One of the standout areas of the park where the whole family can play together is FusionFortress 18. This structure is known for its interactive elements on the ground, so children with limited mobility can still explore and interact with the toys , spraying their siblings with jets. by turning wheels to cause different reactions on the structure, and most importantly, to share in the fun.

The FusionFortress 18, the first play structure of this size in the world, has no fewer than 181 interactive play functions, 11 different water slides, two tilting buckets and a water geyser that shoots almost 30 meters into the air. Covered in hand-carved desert animals and vibrant geometric patterns that capture the imagination, the FusionFortress 18 is an accessible attraction designed to create hours of entertainment without long wait times.

The park will feature many attractions never before seen in the Middle East, including a Mat Blaster water slide where guests can ride headfirst on a series of gravity-defying blasts and an AquaLoop + Flatline Loop Fusion, which combines two of The world’s most heartbreaking merges the slides into one slide. Both attractions are located in the center of the park, near the iconic Camel Rock.

Whitewater delivers never-before-seen attractions to the city of Aquarabia Qiddiya
Surf lagoon

Mike Rigby, GM & RVP, Middle East at WhiteWater, said: “We are extremely honored to be a partner of the groundbreaking Aquarabia Qiddiya City and are eager to bring our innovative waterslides, attractions and experiences to this remarkable destination in Saudi Arabia. ”

Some dry fun was also taken into account to ensure that every visitor to the water theme park enjoys their time, setting a new standard in the industry:

  • Hyper Viper (aka ‘Shoot the Chute’): guests will experience the exhilarating experience of a 50-foot drop before creating the biggest splash in the industry, immersing riders and enthusiastic spectators alike. Never before seen, WhiteWater’s Water Rides team has introduced unique lighting and spray features that enhance the traditional Shoot the Chute experience.
  • Wadi Tahaddi (also known as ‘Spinning Rapids’): groups of six board a round raft, providing a thrilling adventure suitable for the whole family. As riders descend the 2,000-foot ride, they experience intense centrifugal forces across a ride path of river trough elements combined with fiberglass sections of water slides.

Kelly Sall, General Manager of Water Rides at WhiteWater, said: “At WhiteWater, our commitment to creating water rides that entertain diverse audiences is an integral part of our mission. We believe that these attractions should be accessible to everyone, regardless of background or clothing. Our Shoot the Chute and Spinning Rapids Ride exemplify this commitment, providing unforgettable experiences that bring people together and promote unity and fun for all who visit this water theme park.”

Aquarabia will also literally be making waves with the first domestic surf pool in Saudi Arabia. Powered by Endless Surf technology, the pool will provide the most authentic surfing experience outside the ocean with its unlimited wave customization options and surf zones for surfers of all levels.

The revolutionary technology allows waves to be produced every 8-16+ seconds, delivering tailor-made waves to match the abilities of the people in the pool, using Endless Surf’s proprietary Swell Studio software. This flexibility allows multiple surfers to enjoy the pool at the same time, allowing near-shore beginners and advanced surfers to try new tricks on different waves coming off the Peak, together in one session.

Whitewater delivers never-before-seen attractions to the city of Aquarabia Qiddiya
Camel Rock

“Surfing is a rapidly expanding global sport and we are excited to introduce it to the Saudi people,” said Paul Chutter, president of Endless Surf. “Our state-of-the-art technology is ready to enable surfers to push the limits of their skills and provide a showcase for spectators as they watch riders conquer the waves from close proximity to the pool’s shoreline. This development is expected to significantly enhance Qiddiya’s ability to grow the sport of surfing while hosting surfing competitions in the future, cementing their position as industry pioneers in this field.”

WhiteWater is revolutionizing the global attraction landscape and redefining the essence of ‘iconic’. WhiteWater’s unparalleled scale, design capabilities and extensive expertise ensure the company can bring to life the world’s most extensive and ambitious projects, as evidenced by this venture. With approximately 1,692 meters of slide paths already installed in the water theme park, anticipation is steadily rising as the world eagerly awaits the grand unveiling of this unique water theme park to the world.