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Sarah Ferruzza Honored as All-Time Winning Webster Schroeder Warrior

Sarah Ferruzza Honored as All-Time Winning Webster Schroeder Warrior

WEBSTER – Sarah Ferruzza’s family, friends, teammates and coaches were on hand to celebrate the career of Webster Schroeder’s wins leader.

Ferruzza, a senior catcher for the Warriors’ softball team, was celebrated Wednesday night before Schroeder’s softball game against Fairport as the all-time winningest Warrior. She received a plaque while her teammates waved signs with playful nicknames that read “Miss Schroeder Athletics” and “Sarah Freaking Ferruzza.”

Ferruzza was back in the starting lineup after missing about two weeks of action. On May 1, as Schroeder improved to 15-0, Ferruzza was inactive but spoke about her decorated career following the win over rival Webster Thomas.

“I can’t really sum up the whole experience because every season has been different and amazing. And these girls… they’re just the best, I think. Everything has been so great. So supportive,” Ferruzza said.

Sarah Ferruzza in numbers

179 – Ferruzza’s career-high win total after Webster Schroeder earned a 4-3 victory over Fairport on Wednesday night.

25 – Number of wins the Ferruzza basketball team has en route to the 2023 NYS Class AA Championship. The Warriors finished 25-1.

22 – Total wins Ferruzza’s softball team won in their 2022 Class A state championship. Her Warriors finished 22-5.

21 – Win total for Ferruzza’s volleyball team that won the 2024 Class AA state title. The Warriors finished the season 21-1.

12 – Total varsity seasons Ferruzza has played between softball, volleyball and basketball.

The math was “fun” and easy to figure out for Webster Schroeder athletic director Shawn Strege and the school staff. Several other athletes have had more than 100 wins, but because their losses mounted quickly, Schroeder was able to verify that no boy or girl who has played for the Webster or Webster Schroeder Warriors has had more wins than Ferruzza.

“I feel like I’ve seen her more than some members of my family. … She’s just the consummate teammate. It’s very clear that her teammates love her. That goes a long way. Pretty hard to follow , but she’s the right guy to follow.” Do it,” Strege said.

Sarah Ferruzza’s softball career

Ferruzza’s debut season as a catcher for Schroeder’s softball team led to a state championship in 2022. She was a sophomore at the time. Coach Meaghan Keil remembered Ferruzza as a seventh-grader on the junior varsity in 2019. Keil said Ferruzza has blossomed as a player and person.

“There is no humbler, kinder or greater teammate than Sarah. She is something special. She doesn’t want to be in the spotlight. She is very down to earth,” Keil said.

Sarah Ferruzza’s volleyball career

Ferruzza was the setter for Schroeder’s 2023 volleyball team, which won 21 straight matches en route to a state title in November. Pete DeWitte, the All-Greater Rochester co-coach of the year who will coach JV next season, has known Ferruzza for years. He coached her older sister, Grace, and knew Sarah would be a phenomenal athlete.

“She’s always had the ability to go the extra mile, especially this year. She’s taken on the role of, ‘You never want to play against that girl because you’re probably going to lose.’ Outside of sports, she is just a great person. She will probably crush nursing,” DeWitte said.

Sarah Ferruzza’s basketball career

Ferruzza also played a key role on Schroeder’s basketball team in 2022. Coach Codi Mrozek first coached Ferruzza as an eighth-grader on JV for two games. That’s when the varsity picked up Mariah Watkins and Ferruzza, who were an immediate three-point threat.

“Ever since those first two games, I knew she was special. Not just because of her skills, but because of her personality and who she is,” Mrozek said.

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