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Yes Yes!  Wolverhampton Wild West restaurant impresses on TV’s Come Dine With Me: The Professionals

Yes Yes! Wolverhampton Wild West restaurant impresses on TV’s Come Dine With Me: The Professionals

Wild West Wolverhampton eatery Rodeos was asked by the show’s production team to take part in series two and the episode aired last night.

The show pitted Rodeos against Smoking Bagels and Adian’s Dining, both also based in the West Midlands.

All three restaurants competed against each other over the course of the episode, treating each other to three courses of their best dishes for a cash prize of £1,000.

Their competitors, Adian’s Dining, is owned by engaged couple Elouise and Adian, while Smoking Bagels is owned by business partners and childhood friends Chef Brandy and front-of-house manager Keiran.

WOLVERHAMPTON COPYRIGHT TIM STURGESS EXPRESS AND STAR…… 06/10/2022 Story about what Rodeos, Wolverhampton, has to offer and what the company wants to do to bring in customers. The restaurant wants to boost business and reach more people inside. Pictured, Simon Parton..

Rodeos owner Simon Partan, 49, and the restaurant’s deputy manager, Fiona, bill themselves as the ‘West Midlands’ answer to the Wild West’.

They served a total of three courses: the main course was the Route 66 platter which consisted of brisket, shredded pork, pork ribs, smoked chicken wings, smoked sausage and corn dogs.

The appetizer was a gourmet nacho bowl with guacamole, sour cream, salsa and a cheese sauce and the dessert was a chocolate fondue.

On entering Rodeos, participant Elouise said: “It was so surprising to see the hats and shirts, it was a fantastic welcome.”

Shortly after, Chef Brandy and Keiran came in and together they all had the full Rodeos experience.

First served was the starter, which Simon said he was ‘looking forward’ to bringing to the table for them.

Although the nachos were a hit, Keiran wasn’t a fan of the cheese sauce, or “any” of the sauces surrounding it, but Chef Brandy had “no complaints.”

Luckily, after swapping the sauces for a hotter option, Keiran quickly got around to the meal.

Simon said: “We’re glad they like the nachos, it really means a lot.”

The second helping was the Route 66 platter – the made-to-order main attraction – which was slapped onto the table in front of the party and was well received by Adian – who ensured the leftovers were packed into doggie bags.

And to make sure they all had the real Rodeos experience, they took turns tackling the rodeo bull that is the signature restaurant.

Finally, they served dessert, which was again defended by Adian, who said it was ‘very well done’ – but his fiancée wasn’t too impressed.

Chef Brandy and Keiran also complimented the creativity of the desert.

After the meals, Simon and Fiona received their results, with a score of 15 from Adian and Elouise, and an 11 from Chef Brandy and Keiran, for a total of 26.

However, their total score wasn’t enough to take the win, as they finished second behind winners Brandy and Keiran – whose bagel-inspired dishes impressed the most, achieving a score of 27.

Speaking afterwards, Simon said: “We’re disappointed we didn’t get the win, but it was great to be part of the show and we enjoyed meeting the other competitors. We all got on well and it ended up being a brilliant experience.

“We were up against some very experienced chefs, so we were very happy with second place.”