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Go back in time with the new update of Subway Surfers Classic

Go back in time with the new update of Subway Surfers Classic

Remember many moons ago when a new game came out called Subway Surfers? Well, you can relive the game the way it used to be Subway Surfers classicpart of the game’s biggest update ever to celebrate its 12th anniversary.

Sybo, the studio behind the all-time hit game, has announced that Subway Surfers Classic will be launching as a limited-time event from May 13 to June 2, with the game returning to how it originally looked in 2012 – how many of you remember that? I do, and there’s a reason why it’s one of the best mobile games out there.

The update also brings a range of new characters for you to play, each inspired by the history of Subway Surfers and its community. These new faces include Hammy-Bee, a fan-made creation that won the Craft-A-Character Competition, a Pixel Jake that coincides with the update’s retro theme, and Guard King, a character featured in many from the game’s social media. posts and comment sections.

Finally, you can also create your own player profile in the game, as this is a highly requested feature. Here you can share your progress with millions of other players. Not only that, but there’s now a shareable overview of your game – which is perfect for all those TikTok stories that require a background video. Admit it, you’ve seen them too.

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Finally, Sybo also has a series of filters available on TikTok and Instagram, created with renowned designers @aida.creator and @maya_loves_hobi, for fans to use across the social media platforms.

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