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Diners remember favorite Brevard restaurants that have since closed

Diners remember favorite Brevard restaurants that have since closed

Brevard’s restaurant scene is constantly expanding with new dining options throughout the county.

At the same time, other establishments are closing their doors, leaving some diners longing for the dishes they loved. FLORIDA TODAY Multimedia Editor Rob Landers got people reminiscing when he asked a question on the newspaper’s Facebook page, 321 Flavor: Where Brevard Eats.

Landers, who helps run the 66,000-member social media site, asked which “Brevard restaurants” you still think of, even years after they closed.

Readers exchanged comments as many were reminded of days long ago when families gathered for Friday night meals, gathered at the same restaurant every year for grandma’s birthday or visited a particular establishment after a day at the beach.

Was one of your favorite restaurants mentioned?

Which now-closed restaurants do Brevard guests miss?

Herbie K’s Diner in Cocoa Beach was mentioned by a few people.

“The environment was so fun and the burgers and shakes were top notch,” wrote Rachael Lee.

Terri Lynne recalled going there and enjoying cheese fries and “a good vanilla coke.” For Danielle Masucci, Herbie K’s was her favorite place to stop after the beach.

“I always got an egg cream and pretzel stick and cheese fries,” Masucci recalls. “I loved the servers in the poodle skirts and the little jukeboxes on the table… what great memories there.”

Bernard’s Surf in Cocoa Beach, Peg Leg’s in Satellite Beach and Mathers Bridge Restaurant on Merritt Island also received multiple mentions.

Patty Nolen recalled the “best margaritas” at Miguel’s, while Christian Cribbin recalled his family eating “all the time” at Alma’s, an Italian restaurant in Cocoa Beach.

Paula Stone Berntson read the Facebook post and said the topic was just on her mind the night before.

“The chicken marsala in the Italian courtyard! It was the best!” Berntson wrote.

Alison Skillington said she still dreams of the chicken Julius and the house Italian dressing at Flaminia’s. Pam Mann said her family would make the drive from Melbourne to Merritt Island to visit Jungle Jim’s.

“No one makes a Monte Cristo like Jungle Jim!!” Mann said.

The Phoenix was remembered by Rogeria Thomas as ‘the best gourmet meals of the time’.

Rosemary Smarrito Stinsman said her family would visit a favorite restaurant in Brevard even before they moved to the area.

“We always went to the STACEYS buffet,” Stinsman said. “They had a great selection and it was very good.”

Other restaurants mentioned were Gatsby’s, Sea Room and Maryland Fried Chicken.

Which restaurants will you remember in five, ten, fifteen years?

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