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Big name says sudden dismissal from CBS ‘wasn’t a big surprise’

Big name says sudden dismissal from CBS ‘wasn’t a big surprise’

Former CBS Sports NFL analyst Phil Simms said his recent dismissal from the network “wasn’t a huge surprise.”

“I knew there was probably going to be some change, or thought there would be. So I think that makes it a little easier,” Simms said the Front Office Sports Today Podcast this week.

“Would I have liked to keep this job? Naturally. I mean, damn. I didn’t like it – I loved it. Go talk about football and hang out and maybe when we go to commercial you can really say whatever you want to the guys you work with, but in the meetings, everything. But it was a fun job, great work and now you just move on to something else.”

Simms, 68, and longtime colleague, former former NFL quarterback Boomer Esisasonwas announced to be leaving CBS Sports‘ NFL television coverage amid shake-up ahead of 2024 season. Former NFL quarterback Matt Ryan – who officially announced his retirement last month – is moving from the in-game broadcast booth to participating in the studio show James Brown, Bill Koeher And JJ Watt for the 2024 NFL season.

“Nobody asked me anything or talked to me or anything like that,” Simms added. “I waited about a few months to see what CBS was doing, and I think the longer you wait, the more you know it’s not going to work in your favor.”

Esiason, 63, a former NFL MVP who will continue his role at his CBS Sports local radio show in New York despite his departure from The NFL todaysaid his departure from the studio show will help him find a better work-life balance while performing God bless football Friday (May 3).

“I was more than happy to step aside. I had my time there,” Esiason said. “I loved that chair. I cherished that seat, I loved talking to football fans every Sunday, but there comes a time when you have to find some time for yourself. And this was the right time.”

Ryan contributed last season as an NFL game analyst, though he didn’t officially announce his retirement from his playing career until last month.