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Scottish wrestler hits UK chart with entrance music

Scottish wrestler hits UK chart with entrance music

  • Author, Ashleigh Keenan-Bryce
  • role, BBC Scotland News

Do you believe in Joe Hendry?

From a wrestler’s entrance music to beating artists like Taylor Swift, Sabrina Carpenter and Dasha, it seems yes, the public do believe in Joe Hendry.

The Scottish professional wrestler saw his song ‘I Believe in Joe Hendry’ reach number four in the official charts, in what he describes as a “series of fortunate random events”.

Now the 36-year-old from Edinburgh is considering his next move – whether projecting his face on the Las Vegas Sphere or writing a song for the first minister of Scotland.

Speaking to BBC Radio Scotland’s Mornings with Stephen Jardine, Hendry explained how the one minute long song, played as he enters the ring, became a chart hit with fan support

“People had always liked my entrance song. On Tik Tok, people were making videos with it, getting literally millions of hits.

“I put it up on Spotify one evening, didn’t think anything of it and when I woke up it was number 20 in the iTunes charts.

“I thought it was funny so I tweeted it out and it just caught fire from there – life’s been an absolute rollercoaster since then.

“The fan base has been unbelievable, the support has been unbelievable and it’s so fun and rare in life when something like this happens, when it’s so unexpected and it happens it’s so cool.”

Image source, TNA Wrestling

Hendry, who is signed to Total Nonstop Action Wrestling (TNA), was a musician for a decade before becoming a wrestler.

He used skills from his past career to write and produce the track.

As a wrestling fan, he said he noticed how important entrance music can be in building a persona.

“I could see the entrance was half the battle – if you have a great entrance, you’re halfway there to being a great professional wrestler.

“The stage fright is just unbelievable, I know so many performers who really struggle with that but the moment their music hits and they walk through the curtain, they just become somebody else.

“That’s kind of what my song allows me to do. The moment I hear it, I become the person I need to be when I go to the ring.”

Hendry not only has the support of the wrestling community, his family has his back too.

Drew Hendry, the SNP MP for Inverness, Nairn, Badenoch and Strathspey, is his uncle.

He said: “It’s been cracking to see the wrestling community and the wider public get behind Joe, he’s absolutely deserving of the top spot.

“I’ve always believed in him.”

Joe has even offered his musical services to the new prime minister.

“If John Swinney had given me enough notice, we could have done ‘I Believe in John Swinney’ for him, that would have been no problem,” he said.