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9 fantasy baseball prospects to put away now (2024)

9 fantasy baseball prospects to put away now (2024)

It’s another great week to get back to the fantasy baseball prospects stash article. Three more guys who were on the list last week were dropped due to being drafted (including Mason Black who was on the watch list).

For obvious reasons, the power of prospects that are actually worth hiding weakens. It seems like there are at best four prospects that warrant stashing, and I could only argue for the top two. I didn’t want to force a 10 on the watchlist, so I left it to players who would pick up the most buzz if called upon, but I added quite a few more names to the players to watch.

I view the players on the watchlist as guys who aren’t must-picks or even more situational, but are worth knowing there is interest if they make it to the majors. Let’s get into that.

Fantasy baseball prospects to put away


Paul Skenes (SP PIT)

The day has arrived. Skenes will make his Major League debut Saturday at home against the Cubs. Expectations can run wild here. The Cubs can limit strikeouts and forced walks (unless it’s Dylan Cease on the mound). I do think Skenes will put up some strikeouts, but I’m not sure he’ll get to the fifth. I’m betting on a four-inning performance with eight strikeouts and two earned runs.

Kyle Manzardo (1B – CLE)

Manzo’s first two matches were bad, and they had the worst of the worst out there, crying and complaining. He recorded his first Major League hit in game three as a pinch hitter. The team has said they will also experiment with him in the outfield, which will benefit his long-term goal. However, he will have to start hitting.

Christian Scott (SP–NYM)

I loved everything about Scott’s debut. I’ve said this on podcasts, but it reminded me of everything we wanted from Pfaadt last year. Scott appears to be in control, commands well and uses most of the zone. There’s a tough match coming up, but I want Scott in my squad.


Junior Caminero (3B – TB)

There’s been a lot of talk around the Rays keeping Caminero longer than most expected. He missed twice, which didn’t help the cause. He had a hit in every game in May, including a two-home run game in the first. He’s hitting .315 with six home runs in the minors, so your assessment of what the Rays are waiting for is as good as mine. I’ll make a prediction on his debut date, May 24, against the Royals at home after an off day. Even though we’re a few weeks in, he’s the biggest impact player out there. That’s worth it if that’s the game you want to play. Just know that the Rays can do anything.

James Wood (OF – WAS)

Wood appears to be in a similar situation as Caminero. He’s a prospect with little left to prove in AAA, but the team is making his debut slowly. He is hitting .339 with four home runs and eight stolen bases this season. On May 8, he posted a two-home run night and is hitting .385 for the month. If Jacob Young wasn’t playing so well, it might be Wood’s turn now. He is a top five prospect to be drafted in the near future. Very few of these guys are actually worth putting away. Wood is one.

Coby Mayo (3B – BAL)

We’ve seen consistent power and contact throughout the beginning of the year. Mayo is hitting .301 with 11 home runs, which is third in the minors. A slight wrinkle is the May struggle that Mayo undergoes. He is hitting less than .200, and in four of his six games he has been a multi-strikeout with only one walk. Even with his currently minor struggles, Mayo should be the first to appear if the Orioles suffer a non-outfield injury.

Orelvis Martinez (SS–TOR)

The bat hasn’t slowed down for Martinez. He is hitting .294 with nine home runs on the year and a .292 average in May with two home runs. He does a great job of consistently hitting for contact, which wasn’t the case for most of his minor league career. The lower strikeout rate will move his timeline up, but the Jays need to change a few things to make it work. They don’t seem willing to do it yet, but I believe the clock is ticking in the coming weeks.

Cade Povich (SP-BAL)

Povich is now the best pitcher to watch in the minors with Paul Skenes leading the charge. He has a 1.69 ERA over seven starts and a K-BB% of 23.4%, which is second in AAA. The only problem here is finding a spot. I think it will have to come at the cost of injury, so he borders between stashing and keeping a close eye on the Orioles rotation situation to make the first pick.

Connor Norby (2B/OF – BALL)

Norby has seven home runs, four stolen bases and a .270 average in AAA. He’s having a bad month of May as he has some power strikeout skills early in the year. Not that this kills him versus availability on the Orioles roster. An injury to the Orioles outfield could trigger a call-up for Norby. Otherwise, it straddles the line between stock and watch.


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