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Cycling, North Cape |  Atlee (32 years old) cycled from the Northern Cape to South Africa:

Cycling, North Cape | Atlee (32 years old) cycled from the Northern Cape to South Africa:

In 2022, Atl Forsvoll (32) has set himself a wild goal. He cycled from the Northern Cape to Cape Town – back and forth. To achieve this goal, he prepared himself by delivering food as a Foodora cyclist.

When Netavisen calls Forceful, he will be in Cape Town and next month in South Africa. Because the journey was difficult, he cycled through all seasons.

– I’m very tired now. It is when a few days pass and the body relaxes that a complete collapse occurs. But the motivation is still good, he told Netavesin.

He spent almost a year on the journey, covering 19,000 kilometers and 344 days.

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Drama in Iran

He has weathered every possible storm and earthquake, been subjected to police interrogations in Iran, crossed Iraq and passed through military bases in Africa.

He calls one incident in particular dramatic and terrifying.

– I cycled past a police station in Iran, and I thought that was completely reasonable. But the Iranian police stopped me as a foreigner on my bicycle because I was riding past a military base, says Forsvoll.

However, there was one problem. He had no stamp in his passport, which led to several hours of drama. The 32-year-old Norwegian was first questioned for two hours while officials examined photos and messages on his mobile phone.

What he feared most was that they would discover photos of the kind strangers who had helped him along the way in Iran.

– I didn’t take many pictures of people, but everyone I met was very relaxed about it. Finally, I took some photos including the wine cellar where they made the wine. He says it is largely banned in Iran.

Forsfall admits he was nervous when he was reminded of the photos, and he quickly took the first opportunity and deleted the photos before police looked at them.

– It was an incredibly intense experience, the Roja resident admits.

-The nicest people I’ve ever met

He thought he was done with the police at that moment, but already in the next town there was danger on the road again.

– It was clear that they were waiting for me. I was taken to a station or base and then another interrogation took place. Then they seemed to examine me with the same questions I asked last time, and then I stayed there for three hours.

Although the most terrifying experience took place in the disputed country, he also has many fond memories of it.

– The Iranian authorities are terrible, but Iranian citizens are the nicest people I have met. “You can stand for five minutes and then at least two people come and want to provide shelter and food and help me,” says Forsfall, who says Iran is his favorite country of the trip so far.

I got “help” from Haaland

He may not have been of much help in the face of Iran’s brutal authorities, but he was helped in many places by a familiar Norwegian face.

Yes, you guessed it right: Erling Braut Haaland.

– I have to thank Haaland. He helped me everywhere in Turkey and the Middle East. Whenever angry police officers asked me where I was from, the first answer I answered was Norway. But when you answer Haaland, the atmosphere suddenly becomes very good. He smiles, especially when you mention Sandness and say we’re practically neighbors.

On Instagram, the Rogaland resident tried to contact Haaland’s team, but says that didn’t work.

However, he spent a day off watching Haaland’s Manchester City teammates win the Club World Cup, beating Brazilian club Fluminense 4–0 in the final, without Haaland in the squad.

She became a celebrity in South Africa

Although he was in Cape Town for some time, it was not a quiet day. Shortly after his arrival, he took part in an Ironman, a triathlon combined with swimming, cycling and running.

-It went well, that’s why I’m so exhausted now. It took me 16 hours and 20 minutes, and the maximum time was 16 hours and 45 minutes, says the 32-year-old.

The Norwegian has also caused a stir in South Africa with this move, and it already went viral when he told his Ironman plans to people in the Cape Town area.

– The speaker told the story of “The Biker Vikings.” Then I couldn’t walk down the street without taking selfies with people. He says SuperSport in South Africa also interviewed me.

In about a month, a trip home awaits him, where he will cycle through West Africa. This is expected to pose some financial hurdles.

– I’m afraid of red numbers. I got a bicycle and clothes, got a job and saved a lot. But now I may have to ask my grandmother for a small loan, Forsfall warns.

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