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Alex and Chris win the men’s volleyball title

Alex and Chris win the men’s volleyball title

TWO boys under 18 – Alex James and Chris Hill from Newbury Volleyball Club – won the men’s section of the annual indoor doubles volleyball tournament at Ashcombe School in Dorking this weekend.

There were 20 teams competing against each other in 10-minute matches.

The tournament was played under beach rules on a smaller field.

The Newbury pair played a number of nail-biting matches, one of which was against a team called “Made in Brazil”, where Newbury just took the lead at the final whistle, winning 19-18.


Newbury were defeated by Farnborough in the afternoon matches, although they would meet again in the final, which ended with Newbury winning 25–20.

Both James and Hill were part of the Newbury men’s team that competed in the Berkshire Volleyball Association League, where they finished top of their division.

The young team, most of whom come from the junior section, were undefeated, dropping just two sets all season, earning a well-deserved promotion to Division One.

Club coach Sue Sayers said it was a great achievement to see the youngsters making progress.

The club has developed players and taken them through selection at Inter Regionals and onto the England Talent Pathway.

Through carefully adapted training, the club can offer volleyball to all ages and levels.


Before the Ashcombe tournament we encouraged the boys to develop their beach skills.

In beach volleyball, the team consists of only two players instead of six in indoor volleyball, and the rules differ.