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Sartell youth wrestlers excel at state tournaments

Sartell youth wrestlers excel at state tournaments

by Dennis Dalman

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The Sartell Sabers Youth Wrestling Team took first place in the Pool 4 state championship on April 7 in Rochester.

That is a step compared to the first place the team won in Group 5 last year.

The two-day 2024 Northland Youth Wrestling Association Tournament involved 32 teams from across the state, and featured many individual wrestling competitions.

The Sartell Sabers youth wrestlers are children in kindergarten through sixth grade. There are 21 wrestlers and the team continues to grow by leaps and bounds in recent years.

On Sunday, in the Pool 4 competition, the Sabers team won after defeating two teams: Farmington, by a score of 45-30; and Long Prairie-Gray Eagle/Browerville by 38-30.

The day before, the Sabres’ results in Bracket C were one win over New York Mills (56-24) and two losses, one against Centennial (49-21) and one against Minneota (46-25).

The winning match for first place in Pool 4 was decided by two Sabers wrestlers, who competed as individuals and pinned two opponents for six points each to win 38-30. Those two Sabers were Jaiden Schwegel (125 pounds) and Ashby Kouba, wrestling at heavyweight, who each pinned their opponents.

During the tournament, Schwegel wrestled three brackets, pinning two boys and a girl.

Well before the Rochester state tournament, the Sabers qualified on March 16 in Pierz, where they took third place in Region 4.

“The Sartell Saber (wrestling) team is going in the right direction,” Dustin Coffin, one of the coaches, said during an interview with the Newsleaderd. “They have worked very hard to get where they are; they worked their butts off.”

The other Sabers youth team coaches besides Coffin are Nick Gruber, Alex Pachan, Justin Smith, Avery Starz, Corey Winkelman and Eric Wilson.

In another interview with the Newsleaders, Jamie Schwegel, the mother of one of the wrestlers, Jaiden Schwegel, expressed her genuine pride in the Sabers team, including her happiness for her own daughter.

“I am so proud of her and the whole team,” said Jamie.

Jaiden, 12, the daughter of Jamie and Derek Schwegel, is a sixth grader at Sartell Middle School. The family lives in rural Rice, near St. Stephen, in the Sartell-St. Stephen School District. Jaiden’s siblings are Jessa, a fourth grader; and Ryker, a second grader. Both also wrestle, but not at the state tournament this year.

The Schwegels appear to have athletic ability in their genetic ancestry. Jaidan is also involved in the track; father Derek played football and was on the high school track team; his father Richard also enjoyed wrestling; and Jaiden’s mother was a figure skater growing up in Bemidji.

Jamie Schwegel shared the stats from the state tournament in Rochester, which are as follows.

Northland Youth Wrestling Association Girls State Tournament:

Jaidan Schwegel (category 5-6, 160 pound weight class), first place.

Arianna Brooks, group 3-4, second place.

NYWA Boys State Tournament:

Kamden Gallus, 5-6th grade, 65 pound class, third place.

Ashby Kouba, 5-6th, 155-pound class, third place.

Otto Lang, 5th-6th grade, 235-pound class, was not seeded.

Ben Mack, 3-4th grade 80 pounds, fourth place.

Liam Thom, group 3-4, 64 pound class, fourth place.

Corbin Scherer, group 3-4, 68 pound class, did not qualify.

Landon Thom, 1-2nd grade, 54 pound class, fifth place.

NYWA Boys Invitation Tournament:

Owen Wiger, grades 5-6, 88 pound class, first place.

Bodyn Molitor, 5-6th grade, 93 pound class, third place.

Dexter Schoenberg, group 3-4, 76 pound class, third place.

Bryce Cummings, Grade 3-4, 85-pound class, second place.

Emmett Coffin, grade 3-4, 60 pound class, fourth place.

Micah Smith, group 3-4, 60 pound class, was not seeded.

Hudson Winkelman, 1-2nd grade, 70 pound class, fourth place.

Sartell youth wrestlers excel at state tournaments
contributed photo
Sartell Sabers youth wrestlers, grades pre-k through 6, celebrate after their team won the Pool 4 State Championship Award on April 7 in Rochester. Thirty-two teams from across the state competed in the Northland Youth Wrestling Association tournament.
contributed photo
Sartell Saber wrestler Jaiden Schwegel pinned opponent Thomas Yancey III of Long Prairie-Grey Eagle/Browerville in the final team match to take first place in Pool 4 at the state tournament. The Northland Youth Wrestling Association tournament took place in Rochester. Schwegel’s pindown, along with a pindown of Saber Ashby Kouba, gave the Sabers team enough points (12 total) to win 38-30.
contributed photo
Sartell Saber wrestler Ashby Kouba pinned opponent Sophia Graham of Farmington during the state team tournament in Rochester. That pin-down, along with the pin-down of Sabers wrestler Jaiden Schwegel, gave the Sartell Sabers team enough points (12 total) to win 38-30.