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Local homeless shelter hosts successful fundraiser – The Coastland Times

Local homeless shelter hosts successful fundraiser – The Coastland Times

Local homeless shelter organizes successful fundraising campaign

Published at 11:36 AM on Thursday, May 9, 2024

OBX Room In The Inn celebrated a monumental achievement with their first-ever “Seaside Soiree” fundraiser recently held at the iconic Kitty Hawk Pier. The event marked a significant milestone in the organization’s history, made possible by the generosity of event chair Natalie Evans, honorary co-chair Jane Webster, Orca Wealth Management and numerous other sponsors.

The event, which provided much-needed support to Dare County’s only homeless shelter, exceeded all expectations, both in the number of guests and the money raised for OBX Room at The Inn. Every ticket purchase and bid made contributed directly to the shelter’s costs. The fundraiser raised an impressive $35,000, more than double the proceeds from their previous fundraiser in December, ‘Lunch To Go’.

The success of this event can be attributed to the wide range of auction items generously donated by more than 100 local businesses. The auction featured 60 packages, including trips to Broadway’s The lionking and Nashville, Tennessee, staycations in Ocracoke and Duck, art by Marcia Cline and Rick Tupper, fun summer activities for kids, wine tastings, inshore fishing trips and more. “There was something for everyone,” one auction winner said with a smile as she took home her custom David Rohde and Rascoe Hunt mini longboard with the RITI logo. The surfboard came complete with surfing lessons from Chris Crockett and a one-year Surfline subscription.

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“This organization is celebrating its 15th anniversary this year,” said Shari Fiveash, who took on the role of RITI executive director last year. “The overwhelming support from our community speaks volumes about our shared commitment to addressing the housing crisis on the Outer Banks, and we are thrilled with the renewed energy from the board and staff. We are doing more than ever before to help our homeless community. Unfortunately, the need is greater than ever.”

Fiveash continued, “As the doors of RITI’s winter program close later this month, the looming question remains: What will our homeless community do if there is no shelter? Over the course of the program, 90% of all current guests have returned to work in essential positions such as dishwashers, line cooks, and golf course and fishing pier staff. They have found access to the necessary medical treatment and guidance. These are huge steps forward towards an independent life. For those of our guests struggling with addiction, many have found lifesaving care from overdose and are on the road to recovery. This organization remains steadfast in its commitment to not only providing immediate relief, but also working toward sustainable solutions that ensure no one in the community is left without shelter or support during the summer months. With continued community support and collective efforts, we strive to create a future where help can be found year-round.”

In celebration of Volunteer Appreciation Month, OBX Room at The Inn highlighted the numerous churches and businesses whose contributions make the program possible by providing food, clothing and other supplies. The first-ever Innkeeper of the Year and the Lifetime Innkeeper awards will be announced after the annual meeting in May.

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