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Netflix Christmas Rumors: NFL Is Player in Streaming Wars

Netflix Christmas Rumors: NFL Is Player in Streaming Wars

The NFL has already sold Amazon and Peacock exclusives for select games

An alternate NFL logo.

The NFL logo could be another broadcast if the rumors are true.

Already in bed with Amazon on Thursday night football and in cahoots with Peacock Sunday night football In addition to an exclusive playoff game (or two?), the NFL could further muddy the battlefield in the streaming wars by gifting Netflix with a few pigskin gifts: Christmas games. At least that’s the rumor going around as the league’s schedule is released next week in an event that will air on NFL Network with additional coverage available on ESPN2.

The tidbit that Netflix is ​​bringing home a few NFL games on Christmas Day for the holidays came from ex-CBS broadcaster Boomer Esiason, who teased the possibility of a new partnership during his speech. Boomer and Gio featured on WFAN earlier this week. “I could be wrong about what I think is going to happen, but I don’t think it will… Don’t be surprised if the NFL and Netflix go to bed for some fun football games on Christmas Day. I wouldn’t be surprised,” he said.

While Netflix is ​​far from a sports streaming service, it is wading into the waters of live programming and was airing the now controversial roast of Tom Brady on Sunday night when it happened. The streaming giant will also broadcast Mike Tyson’s fight with Jake Paul in front of a live audience when they battle it out in Texas at the end of July. So as angry as it may upset the NFL’s other streaming partners, it’s not hard to imagine Netflix making a lot of money for a series of holiday games.

“All these other leagues are doing this now too,” Esiason said. “Everyone is packing these things up. Like the NHL, some of it is on TNT and some of it is on ESPN. All these leagues are doing that and they know there is a battle going on for these streaming services.”

Should Netflix win this particular battle and secure the rights to the NFL’s Christmas package, it certainly won’t win them the streaming war. The win may also prove a bit hollow considering Christmas falls on a Wednesday this year, which feels like odd timing to holiday travelers and could impact viewership during the holiday. We also don’t know which franchises will be involved in the upcoming Christmas games, which is another factor. We do know that the participating teams played on Saturday the previous weekend to allow for the recovery period.

Netflix's Mike Tyson-Jake Paul Bout is the fight no one needs to see

When you consider all that, it almost sounds like a bad idea. But that won’t stop it from happening.

“The reality is that the NFL calls the shots in broadcast relationships, where ‘the customer is always right’ has been turned on its head for years,” according to ProFootballTalk. “That is one of the advantages of a very valuable product and a limited supply. Big Shield is in control and Christmas 2024 may bring a new customer to the table. Together with a lot of money for the competition.”