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Luke Branquinho’s Resistol Rookie year brought with it lessons that made him a five-time world champion

Luke Branquinho’s Resistol Rookie year brought with it lessons that made him a five-time world champion

Hailing from Los Alamos, California, is five-time World Champion Steer Wrestler Luke Branquinho. Although his career in the arena has come to an end, he is one of the best to ever do it and he remains active in the sport through broadcasts, podcasts and more.

Branquinho’s start as a professional rodeo athlete is like that of a few elites: he is the 2000 Resistol Steer Wrestling and Overall Rookie of the Year. His first gold buckle came a few years later.

“I never felt like I was ever better than anyone else. I always felt like I had to work to be better than the rest. And no matter what I won that year or how much I won, no matter what rodeos I won at, I always knew I had to go home and work to be better than the person behind me.” said Branquinho.

After each World Cup, Branquinho said he started all over again. It was not only a physical game, but also a mental game, which had a huge impact on his success.

“I think I learned a lot in my rookie year. I was a student of the game and not just the wrestling, but I also watched other guys I traveled with and the people around me, how they behaved before the run, after the run, during the run and during the rodeo , ‘he said.

It was those observations that allowed Branquinho to distinguish amateur rodeo from professional while making mistakes that, looking back, cost him a trip to Las Vegas as a novice bulldogger. He took the positives into the next season and threw away the negatives along the way.

“Those are the things I learned that year. Although not making the finals was a tough pill to swallow, I believe the mistakes I made in my rookie year helped me become a better, stronger competitor mentally and physically for the rest of my career.” he said.

Branquinho’s advice to newcomers is to keep the confidence. For him, faults and all, his confidence helped him join the exclusive history books that are the Resistol Rookies.