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IPL 2024: Bowlers have come into their own in the last three weeks: Brett Lee

IPL 2024: Bowlers have come into their own in the last three weeks: Brett Lee

New Delhi, May 9 (IANS): The high scores of batters and bowlers consistently being taken to the cleaners in the 2024 Indian Premier League (IPL) season has been the biggest talking point of the tournament. But Brett Lee, Australia’s legendary fast bowler, believes bowlers are sparking a backlash in the final three weeks of the competition.

“The batting was excellent; we have seen a thousand sixes being hit in this (season of) the Indian Premier League. The batters were on fire, but the bowlers need to make sure they come into their own, which has certainly been the case in the last three weeks. The pitches are starting to turn more now while the fast bowlers are getting a few more wickets,” Lee told IANS.

Asked about bowlers conceding a lot of wides while trying to get the ball out of the batsman’s arc, Lee said: “The bowlers don’t bowl wides on purpose, they try to get around the wide guidelines and just miss their mark unfortunately. I don’t mind that if they try to hit their target while they are in the wide zone, it is better than bowling a good length that can be hit for six.

IPL 2024 has also seen some teams holding back bowlers if there was no favorable match for them at the crease. Lee felt the matchup angle was overdone. “Sometimes there are too many computers involved and there are always different matchups involved. If you are the best bowler in the team, you should take over, it’s as simple as that.”

The tournament has witnessed the discovery of a fast bowling talent in Mayank Yadav, who has consistently bowled over 150 kmph, earning admiration from fans and legendary players across the world.

But Mayank missed five matches for Lucknow Super Giants due to a side strain and broke down again due to the same injury during a match against Mumbai Indians, leaving her virtually out of the competition now.

“They need to stress their bodies and make sure they have the right foods in their diet first and foremost. They also need to ensure that they have enough bowlers under their belt. Sometimes we put a limit on the number of overs they can bowl, and when they come to a big game or tournament, they break down because they haven’t worked hard enough on their body,” says Lee on the effective ways to manage quickly . bowling talent like Mayank.

Elaborating on his point, Lee said: “My advice would be to take things ‘aaram se’ (take it easy) and just relax. Mayank has time on his side and unfortunately, he has rushed back to bowling after an injury. I have had a side strain in my life – two muscle tears, which is unheard of for a fast bowler.”

“But I know that after a tear in the side muscle it takes a long time and does not take two weeks to recover. You have to take enough rest and that is where the strength comes from. He is the next best thing for India. I’ve said this before. I’m looking forward to seeing him bowl. To be honest, I didn’t even bowl 150 km per hour during my playing days.”

“He has more pace and so they need to nurture this young pace talent coming through. It comes down to fitness and the right diet; so people in India take care of their bodies – boys and girls now go to the gym and eat the right food. This is also a big part of the puzzle that you can put in to complete the package. It is hard work to be a fast bowler; if you want to be one, you’re going to get injured – that’s part of the game.”

Lee was speaking on the sidelines of an event where he was announced as the brand ambassador for Australian avocados to be launched in India. He also said it was very brave of former Australian women’s captain Meg Lanning “to come out and talk about her struggle” with disordered eating, which led to her retirement from international cricket last year.

“I have been an avid fan of avocados ever since I can remember. My parents gave me avocados as a baby and growing up it became part of my meals at breakfast, lunch and dinner. We are blessed to have Australian avocados as they are the best in the world. Plus, a lot of Australian cricketers always have avocados, which means there’s something in them.”

“It’s definitely been a secret weapon for me over the years when I’ve played cricket and wanted to nourish my body with the right things. So it’s time for me to share the love and passion for avocados from Australia to India and it will change the way many people here start injecting avocados into their diet,” he concludes.